Star Trek icon William Shatner crushed hopes of the actor returning to the beloved franchise that made him a household name.

A fan asked Shatner, “Now that they have the series #Picard do you think they’ll consider a series ‘Kirk’ for you?”

Shatner responded, “No. I think Kirk’s story is well played out at this point.”

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In a follow-up Tweet, Shatner also shot down the idea of him doing a cameo. As he notes, this isn’t a new position he’s taking. He has been consistent in not doing them at all. There was a push from J.J. Abrams when the 2009 reboot was in production but that didn’t’ go anywhere.

Again Shatner made clear that any idea of him doing a cameo, even if reported, isn’t the truth. The actor doesn’t do them. He sees them as a selling point for DVDs.

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Shatner would also answer a fan who asked, “Why do journalists take what you’ve said on Twitter and write articles about it? Seems redundant.”

Shatner answered, “They need to break down the complicated answer “I don’t do cameos” into simple English terms such as “Shatner gets terse with fans over Star Trek return!” So you click and they get ad revenue.”

To prove Shatner’s point he caught The Hollywood Reporter in an embarrassing situation where they used the #StarWars when referring to Shatner’s explanation on why he won’t be returning to Captain James T. Kirk and Star Trek.

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Shatner gave them some advice, “Whomever is doing your tweets; fire them and make sure you check your hashtags before tweeting!”

There you have it, William Shatner, even if offered de-aging technology, is not interested in returning to the role of Captain Kirk. Though for many fans like myself it’s disappointing to see this moment; it’s been a long time coming and at some point, these actors retire from their iconic roles.

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What do you think, does William Shatner’s position make sense, should others follow suit? Let me know your thoughts!

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