Dungeons & Dragons Artist Tess Fowler Attacks Batman Artist Sean Gordon Murphy After He Announces Murphyverse Imprint At DC Comics

Dungeons & Dragons artist Tess Fowler attacked Batman: White Knight creator Sean Gordon Murphy after he announced a new Murphyverse imprint at DC Comics.

In a now-deleted tweet captured by The Splintering, Murphy detailed that DC Comics wants a “mini imprint of White Knight.” He added, “I’ll write the bones for new minis, and they’ll set up the writer/artist team.”

He continued, “It’ll be done between new volumes of Batman White Knight. It’ll be the Murphyverse.”

Murphy then teased that new books featuring Harley Quinn, Nightwing, and Batgirl would be released.

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Murphy then revealed the rules of his Murphyverse.

The first rule is “dead characters stay dead.” The second rule is “no inner monologues.” The third rule is “stuff comes out on time.” And the fourth rule is “only the best talent who puts customers/readers first.”

Following this announcement Dungeons & Dragons artist Tess Fowler attacked Murphy and insinuated he’s a bigot.

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Fowler wrote on Twitter, “Known Batman writer, who supports bigots in a hate movement as well as supports that hate movement’s apologists, has a new imprint at DC and is hiring…bigots?”

She added, “I told y’all in f***ing 2017 dude was a problem. But ooo he makes Batman comics.”

Fowler would then seemingly attempt to defend her insinuation that Murphy was a bigot by calling it a critique.

She took to Twitter to write, “I am so bored with nerds who angry-panic any time somebody critiques something nerd related.”

She added, “Real life exists. The comic/game/twitch show/rpg etc you love? It’s not real. And if the people making the thing you love are out there hurting others? Your thing doesn’t take priority.”

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She continued, “Love what you love, nerds. By all means. But I’m bone tired of having to listen to a religious diatribe every time somebody even mildly critiques ANYTHING.”

Fowler would then double down on her attack against Murphy by claiming he’s part of a hate group, while continuing to claim all she was doing was critiquing him,

She wrote, “The best way to prove the dude being criticized isn’t part of a hate movement is for that hate movement’s lackeys to try to swarm any and all critics. Good work, trolls! Lol.”

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Murphy’s Batman White Knight was one of the most popular books when it was released in 2017 and it would hardly lose steam once it finished in May 2018.

According to Comichron, the first issue shipped 86,791 copies in October 2017. The final issue, Batman White Knight #8 shipped 73,616 copies. The series has 8.7 average user rating on Comic Book Round Up.

A sequel series Batman: Curse of the White Knight was released in July 2019. The first issue would ship 91,205 copies. Batman: Curse of the White Knight #6 shipped 55,270 copies in January 2020. Like its predecessor, the series has an average user rating of 8.7.

What do you make of Tess Fowler’s attack on Sean Gordon Murphy? Are you excited about DC Comics giving Murphy the green light for his Murphyverse?

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