Matt Reeves Reveals First Look at The Batman’s Batmobile As Well As New Look at Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit

The Batman director Matt Reeves revealed a first look at The Batman’s Batmobile as well as new looks at Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit

Take a look.

Here’s a better look.

And from the other side.

And from the rear. We also get a new look at Pattinson’s Batsuit.

The design definitely appears to be muscle car inspired. It looks similar to the Dodge Shakedown Challenger Concept from 2016.

It also looks extremely similar to a 1972 Pantera, and you can see just how powerful and versatile they are.

The design might not be the most efficient though. The engine is completely exposed and would definitely leave it open to be tampered with. However, it’s possible it could deploy some kind of shield defense mechanism as we saw in Batman back in 1989.

While the design might not appear to be efficient when it comes to defense, I’m definitely digging the vehicle’s look. It looks mean and badass. I would not want to mess with Batman if I saw this mean machine barreling down the streets of Gotham.

What do you make of this new Batmobile design? What do you make of Pattinson’s suit in these photos?

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