Like me, I bet many people who’ve watched Henry Cavill have wondered what kind of workouts does he employ to get in shape for his roles. Luckily for us, we have some answers!

The Witcher star shared elements of his current workouts with Men’s Health that he’s using to get and stay in shape for The Witcher.

Romanian Deadlift – this workout is designed to target your glutes, hamstrings, lower and upper back while also giving the core some stress. Unlike a normal deadlift, this style will allow for greater engagement and stretching of the hamstrings and lower back. This style also allows for greater variation if gripping is an issue. It also works the calf muscle, forearms, and quads in an indirect manner

The Hyperextension Exercise – This exercise is key when it comes to lower back strength. Though the Romanian deadlift gives you some exercises, this focuses mainly on that area. Not only will you feel it on the lower back region, but this exercise will work muscles in your hip extensors, erector spinae, and neck extensors. A very important technique. As Henry and his trainer mention in the video below, it helps to train the sections of the body for those motions you see the star use in his role.

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Oblique Static Hold – Explosive movements aren’t just important to martial artists and combat sports fighters. They are an important element when it comes to stunt work in the entertainment industry and that is something this workout helps with. It not only engages the core, but also the glutes. On a good note, it’s also a great workout if you want to get those ab cuts up to par.

Side lateral and front rises variation (3-way shoulder Raise) -A personal favorite of mine, this workout is a great way of training your shoulders to take on extended periods of stress and work. By using this workout you’re not neglecting any aspect of the shoulder, but instead giving it a more holistic training regimen.

Half-Iso Alternating Dumbell Curl – Forearm strength is important, but so is endurance when it comes to working with swords for hours on end. This workout helps with both as you curl the weight up and maintain the position for a few seconds. Not enough to gas the muscles out, but enough to give you a bit of work.

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You can check out the full video below:

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What do you think, will you try any of these workouts? Also, are there any other actors whose workout routines you’d recommend? If so please share them with us!

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