Star Wars High Republic Author Daniel José Older Promises More Gender Nonbinary Star Wars Characters

Star Wars author Daniel José Older, who is part of the new High Republic initiative and previously wrote the Star Wars novel Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel, promised he will be introducing more gender nonbinary characters into Star Wars.

Older took to Twitter to write, “Let me say this to international publishers: Taka Jamoreesa was not the first and I can promise you they will not be the last gender nonbinary Star Wars character.”

He added, “So you would do well to figure out how to handle that correctly for translations.”

Taka Jamoreesa was a character introduced in Older’s Last Shot novel. Jamoreesa worked with Leia Organa as an agent of the New Republic. The character was part of a crew alongside Han Solo and Lando Calrissian who were attempting to thwart Fyzen Gor’s take over of the galaxy.

New Star Wars High Republic Initiative Puts Focus On “Diversity and Representation”

Older’s promise shouldn’t come as a surprise. Star Wars made it very clear they were focusing on”diversity and representation” in their new High Republic publishing initiative.

In a video promoting the new initiative, Vice President of Franchise Content and Strategy James Waugh stated, “We put together a really unique writer’s room. We had really diverse voices with very different opinions about Star Wars.”

Not only did Waugh discuss it in the promo video, but during the video a white board is shown that shows diversity and representation in two columns.

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Older is expected to pen Star Wars The High Republic Adventures, a comic series for IDW Publishing.

If Star Wars The High Republic Adventures is similar to the current Star Wars Adventures it will be a series targeted at audiences of all-ages. Meaning the target audience is kids.

Cavan Scott, who is also part of The High Republic publishing initiative, previously described the Star Wars Adventures series when the first volume was released back in November 2017.

Scott stated, “The great thing about Star Wars Adventures is that, as well as introducing a whole host of people to Star Wars, these issues may even be a kid’s introduction to comics, and to reading in general.”

He added, “They can introduce young readers to so many incredible worlds, and really instill a love of reading at an early age. They did for me.”

What do you make of Older’s promise about more gender nonbinary characters being introduced into Star Wars?

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