Okratron 5000 Employees and Anime Voice Actors Including Dragon Ball’s Christopher Sabat Recorded Engaging in Sexual Humor and Touching at Past Holiday Party

In the face of the many accusations of fostering an unsafe and inappropriate workplace made against Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna by fellow voice actors, a video has surfaced showing industry voice actors and employees of Dragon Ball Super voice actor Chris Sabat’s audio production company Okratron 5000 participating in sexually charged jokes and physical contact.

On March 9th, self-professed ‘#IStandWithVic’ supporter Wesley de Aguayo brought attention to a video compilation taken from a 2014 Holiday Party hosted by Okratron 5000 and hosted on Sabat’s personal YouTube account, asking others to “check out okratron and @FUNimation standards”:

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In the video, various attendees at the party can be seen engaging in less than appropriate workplace behavior, including crudely simulating oral sex, cupping the breasts of a female party goer, kissing, and copious amounts of physical contact.

Notable attendees at this party included anime voice actors Caitlin Glass, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, Ian Sinclair, Eric Vale, and Sabat himself:

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The night was further discussed and joked about by some of the attendees in the comments of the video, including Vale joking that “the best parties start off with Caitlin [Glass] blowing something.”

Sabat also stated that Marchi and Sinclair were both “SUUUUUPER slutty”.

While the video currently remains up on YouTube, Sabat has currently disabled the comments.

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