We heard about this in January when Reverse-Flash was the conversation. Now another Flash villain could be in line for a cinematic gender swap.

The latest rumor is Mirror Master will be female in Andy Muschietti’s Flash film starring Ezra Miller. Daniel Richtman (“DanielRPK” on Twitter) originated this rumor and it was later picked up by DC Movie News.

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No further info is known at this time aside from the other details mentioned – such as the September shoot date.

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Mirror Master is traditionally male in the comics. Sam Scudder bore the identity and it was later passed onto Evan McCulloch, who is used more often.

A gender-swapped Mirror Master isn’t a new idea by any means. An alternate version of McCulloch named Eva became a regular character in Season 6 of CW’s The Flash so Muschietti may be taking his cues from there. She was played by Efrat Dor.

Eva was a quantum engineer and co-founder of McCulloch Technologies trapped inside the mirror dimension for six years. Finally escaping, she soon developed abilities and may have hidden them at first.

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There’s been a positive reaction to this rumor on social media with a few comic scoopers and writers – including Emre Kaya – open to the idea.

The Flash movie will be based on Flashpoint but the director says it will be a different version of the story.

That doesn’t mean they won’t adapt Mirror Master’s arc in the saga in some fashion. Mirror Master was imprisoned in the mirror dimension by Captain Cold and gathered the other rogue’s to plot his revenge.

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Another rumor of a gender change concerning Reverse-Flash crept up earlier this year. Jessica Chastain was said to be in talks for the part but there is also speculation Matthew McConaughey is up for it as well.

We should know everything for sure a little later in the year if production moves forward as planned without further delays. If it does, The Flash is meant to speed into theaters in July 2022.

Tell us your opinion on The Flash and a gender-swapped Mirror Master below.

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