My Hero Academia mangaka Kohei Horikoshi shared a new sketch of Class 1-B’s Kinoko Komori after she played a key role in the heroes raid on the villain hideout in the latest My Hero Academia chapter.

Here’s a better look.

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Kimoro, whose hero name is Shemage, first debuted in Chapter 26 of the manga and Episode 16 of the anime.

Her quirk is Mushroom. It allows her to emit “spores from her body, and can instantly grow mushrooms anytime, anywhere!” In fact, “the more humid it is, the further her spores spread, and her mushrooms grow more readily.”

The mushrooms are rather potent and can even be used to cause asphyxiation as Fumikage discovered during the Joint Training Battle.

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However, after 2 to 3 hours the mushrooms disappear.

In the most recent chapter, Kinoko Komori would use her mushrooms in the heroes attack on the villains base. She specifically uses them to asphyxiate her foes as  you can see all the villains hacking up as the mushrooms do their job.

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What do you make of Horikoshi’s sketch of Kinoko Komori? Do you expect to see more of Komori as the heroes continue to raid the villain hideout?

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