Amber Heard was recently accused of taunting fans who want her removed from the Aquaman sequel after she shared a photo of her red carpet outfit from the Aquaman premiere.

Heard posted to Instagram a photo of her wearing the Valentino swim cap that she wore to the Aquaman premiere in London.

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She wrote, “Wow, still raining LA? Should I bring out the Valentino swim cap?

As reported by Harper’s Bazaar, Heard wore the outfit to the premiere of Aquaman in London back in November 2018.

Bazaar describes the outfit as a “green brocade gown from Valentino’s autumn/winter 2018 couture collection with a plunging neckline and cut-out detail at the side.”

They also described her accessories, “She accessorised with antique Victorian jewellery, including earrings made up of turquoise and pearl gems.”

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YouTuber Vara Dark, who runs the Dark Titan Enterprises channel, accused Heard of taunting fans who want her removed from the role of Mera.

She states, “Amber Heard has not posted anything related to Aquaman in months, yet now when there are over 300,000 people wanting her removed from the role of Mera she posts a reference photo to Aquaman.”

She adds, “I literally can hear her saying, ‘Cry harder haters because I’m Mera and nobody can replace me.'”

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Vara Dark continues, “But now, she has decided to slight fans in a very subtle way, and as a master of the art of subtle, I saw this and new exactly what it meant.”

She adds, “But even though this is a short and sweet caption and a lot of people would not think twice about it. This reminds me of the memes online with someone with an umbrella saying, ‘Blocking my haters tears’ and ‘Haters tears are pouring.'”

Dark continues, “So if you did not know this was actually the outfit that she wore to the Aquaman red carpet premiere event where she said this dress and this headpiece encaptures who Mera is and is 100% something Mera would wear. So to me here she is flaunting her role in Aquaman literally saying, ‘Cry harder because I’m not gone from this movie.’ She is so manipulative.”

The petition to remove Heard from the role of Mera has currently been signed by over 391,000 people.

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A separate petition to have Amber Heard replaced by Emilia Clarke in the role of Mera has been signed by over 11,000 people.

What do you make of Heard’s recent Instagram post? Do you think she is mocking fans who want her removed from the role of Mera?

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