Coronavirus has people stocking up on items and cleaning out stores everywhere. Some people have immediately snagged provisions off the shelves, in bulk, whether they need them or not.

Others aren’t as fortunate and, unable to afford basic things, need help. Knowing that (or realizing it on social media), Cathy Yan, director of the recent flop Birds of Prey, decided to step in and opened her Twitter DM’s to people in a bind.

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Responding to and quoting a tweet by feminist writer Roxane Gay, offering to transfer $100 to ten people via the mobile payment service Venmo, pledged to follow Gay’s lead and float money to people in need in the wake of mass shutdowns.

“If you don’t need it,” Yan clarified, “pls don’t be a dick.”

After a few hours and 16 people, she temporarily called “it quits,” hoping to “pay forward” in the future.

She also wants to figure out how to help theaters and their employees affected by shutdowns.

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But then Yan received a $500 donation an hour later. Sadly it did not take long for those donations to be used up. Yan, using a first-come, first-served basis, thanked her donor: Jimmy James and the American Slide Co.

Yan closed her thread by remarking how “humbled and delighted” she is at the “kindness and resilience of people” in “this darkness” asking for cash on behalf of people they care about (as far as we know that to be true).

Her followers approve of her kind act. Below is some reaction.

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Once all the cheer and charity was over, Yan went back to tweeting about President Trump and Fox News, burying her thread with tweets denouncing FNC’s coverage of coronavirus and Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

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One more dividend of the pandemic and shutdowns is keeping Cathy Yan delighted. Birds of Prey will release early on VOD for those staying inside. Yan lobbied for this within the last week.


BOP will be on VOD March 24th. Yan tweeted her excitement.

What do you think? Did Cathy Yan do a good thing? Will you catch up with BOP on VOD? Leave a comment.

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