God of War Game Director and God of War II Creative Director David Scott Jaffe fired back at journalists declaring that “Kratos was NEVER a misogynist.”

Jaffe’s comments come in response to an Inverse article written by Mo Mozuch titled, “God of War Offers A Blueprint For Fixing Gaming’s Toxic Mentality.”

In the article, part of Inverse’s so-called God of War week that is supposed to celebrate all things Kratos, Mozuch describes the original PlayStation 2 God of War game:

“It celebrated violent, misogynistic, single-minded vengeance with a game so literally epic it allowed us to challenge the gods themselves.”

He goes on to argue that Kratos was toxic as was everyone who played the game, “Were we toxic? Was he? I’d argue that yes, we were. Kratos certainly was.”

Mozuch claims Kratos is misogynistic because of the “infamous orgy quick-time events (for health orbs!), an achievement originally titled “Bros Before Hos” earned by curb-stomping a female enemy, and using dead women as literal props for solving platformer puzzles.”

Jaffe responded to the article on Twitter. He wrote, “I must continually state that Kratos was NEVER a misogynist in GOD OF WAR 1. Like AT ALL.”

He added, “And it pisses me off ‘journalists’ continue to retcon that game in order to justify the thesis of their GOD OF WAR 2018 stories.”

He would also make it very clear that he thinks Mozuch “sucks at his job.”

Jaffe explained, “Let me be super clear, in case it wasn’t: Me putting the word ‘journalist’ in quotes implies the guy sucks at his job. I think- based on this article- that he does.”

He added, “The act was meant as a slight and an insult. If it offends your semantic sensibilities, for that I am sorry.”

Jaffe would then get in a back and forth with Twitter user Borkowski News, where he defended his position that Kratos was not misogynist in God of War.

Borkowski first claimed the game was misogynistic because Kratos has a threesome.

Jaffe responded by questioning, “How is having a 3 way misogynistic?”

Borkowski claimed it was misogynistic because “the first two women you see in the game [are] literal sexual objects that you can “beat” with a button mashing combo.” He added, “It’s a depiction of women that is objectivity and intended for the male gaze. Quite literally misogynistic.”

Jaffe responded, “In the game- in that very scene- Kratos writes in his journal about how he is losing himself in wine and meaningless sex to numb his pain. The CHARACTER may not respect women (I would not be so sure about that), but the GAME certainly DOES.”

He added, “Also, looking at a woman as a sexual being and ONLY a sexual being IN THE ACT OF HAVING SEX W/THEM (not out in the world) is NOT misogynistic.When you have sex,in between every few thrusts are you telling her how smart she is and how much you love her cooking? Sometimes it’s ok- quite healthy even- to just have sex.”

In a follow-up tweet, Borkowski added, “To keep the comparison going – whereas in God of War 2018 the first female you see is a strong, individualistic multilayered character that seems to have her own aims and motives.”

Borkowski then declared, “The original God of War is a literal marvel, but is deeply misogynistic.”

Jaffe responded, “Well I just told you how it wasn’t. You can think it is, and that’s fine. I respect your view, even though I think you are recalling it wrong.”

He added, “But you rebutting my examples by simply restating your view doesn’t do much to change my mind, fwiw.”

Borkowski then restates his opinion, “Your example makes them MORE misogynistic. They are just pawns for Kratos to “beat” in order to convey this feeling your suggesting.”

He adds, “Objectifying, not with agency – literal tools and they are tools SIMPLY because they are women who can f***. I don’t know how else to explain….”

Jaffe responded, “By your logic every character in a story must not only have their own detailed back story but that back story must be conveyed in the telling. Utterly ridiculous and 90% of stories would fail your test. NOT including what you feel you need for something to NOT be misogynistic is not the same- at all- as a story that contains misogynistic elements.”

He concluded, “I’m done with the discussion. Of course, I support your right to have an opinion, even though I think it’s terribly incorrect. Stay healthy out there, sir.”

Borkowski then shows an image of the three way sexual encounter saying, “Alright man! love the game but….this is misogynistic. Fortunately, Kratos seems to have grown out of it.”

Jaffe responded, “Nah, that’s just good, old fashioned, healthy sex, sir.”

He added, “Some men these days seem to have gotten the joy of raw, animalistic f***ing confused with hating women. Newsflash: they are nowhere NEAR related.”

He would reiterate this point in a separate thread as well (Archive link: http://archive.is/Xuo27), “Nah, that’s just good, old fashioned, healthy sex, sir.”

He added, “Some men these days seem to have gotten the joy of raw, animalistic (and ALWAYS consensual, which this was) sex confused with hating women.”

He concluded, “Newsflash: they are nowhere NEAR related.”

Borkowski would also ask Jaffe why he was “so concerned with GoW NOT being misogynstic?”

Jaffe responded, “Because I would never make a game suggesting that women are not to be trusted or liked or respected. That’s not who I am and I would never put my heart and soul into a work like that.”

A separate user would then chime in the thread claiming the framing of the scene is what makes it misogynistic.

Jaffe would ask for an explanation of what they mean, “Explain, if you don’t mind. But please be prepared to explain it in the context of this framing? Thx!”

The user would respond, “What? It’s my profile bio. Why is this relevant?”

Jaffe explained, “Well my characters in the scene are clearly enjoying themselves. They ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ and even invite Kratos back to bed. I think it’s framed as consensual.”

He added, “I’m not calling you out but given all of the context my game provides for the sexual encounter, you suggest it is still

Jaffe then explains the definition of misogyny, “Misogyny is defined as a hatred and mistrust of women. That is not on display.”

He adds, “Is Kratos using the women for his own selfish purpose? Yep. He totally is. Are they using him for the same? Who knows. But they are all having a good time (and we make that super clear). If you think that casual, consensual sex where the only reason you want to have sex is your own personal gratification is misogyny then ok, that’s what this is. But I’ve never heard that definition used for misogyny.”

Jaffe is then asked if “rape and “making love” are the only two options for sex.”

He responds, “Not at all. But I’m suggesting, with all the context I provide, it’s clear it’s consensual and they are all having fun together.”

He adds, “You provide MUCH LESS framing context and I am saying it’s easier to look at YOUR description as non consensual because of that. Do I think that’s your intention? Of course I don’t. But I’m just using the example to point out how flimsy your ‘framing’ argument is as it applies to GOD OF WAR 1.

Satanicoaldo would then explain they are using the feminist theory of misogyny in order to make their argument.

Jaffe dismisses this theoretical defintion saying, “Yeah, I’m not going to do a ton of research to determine if some specific definition you have is represented in the game. You guys are using the term misogyny and so I’m using the term as understood and as defined by Websters.

He adds, “If you want to discuss if those women were objectified, then I would say: sure IF using someone purely for the joy of sex means you are objectifying them.”

He continued, “But what I am telling you is I don’t have a problem with that kind of sex SOMETIMES and ONLY IF all involved are excited for the same sort of encounter with you.”

Jaffe concluded, “If you are saying that’s bad form, I respect that. I don’t agree with that as I think casual, no strings attached, pure passion sex can be a lot of fun (again, if all parties are down for it). But if that’s not your view, that’s totally cool.”

Satanicoaldo would attempt to use a similar argument to Borkowski claiming that his impassioned defense of his game “doesn’t look healthy.”

Jaffe wasn’t having any of it. He responded, “Looks like passion to me. These are my kids and I take issue if someone is cruel to them without- IMO-cause.”

He added, “I’m down if you don’t find that healthy but I’ve always been that way and I like caring about my stuff that much. YMMV.”

What do you make of Jaffe’s defense against critics describing Kratos as misogynist in the first God of War game?