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David Scott Jaffe triples down on his accusations against critics of 'Forspoken' in Why Is Forespoken Getting So Much Hate?!?+Perfect Dark In Trouble...Again?!?+ MORE! via YouTube / Freya (Ella Balinska) finds herself trapped between a pack of wolves and one of the Tantas in Forspoken (2023), Square Enix
January 24, 2023
Original ‘God of War’ director David Scott Jaffe refuses to believe that the wide dislike of ‘Forspoken’ is based on anything but bigotry.
September 13, 2022
Original ‘God of War’ director David Scott Jaffe has accused male critics of the MCU’s female-led projects
February 25, 2022
God of War director David Jaffe wondered if players would be willing to kill “minority NPCs” for “an easy, automatic platinum PS trophy.”
March 27, 2020
God of War Game Director and God of War II Creative Director David Scott Jaffe fired back at journalists declaring that “Kratos was NEVER a misogynist.”