Marvel Studios upcoming Disney Plus She-Hulk TV series writer Dana Schwartz recently declared that “fan gatekeeping is a profoundly toxic subculture.”

These comments come after Schwartz railed on South Park back in February saying, “It seems impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by South Park.”

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In response to the ensuing criticism and outright mockery of her statements regarding South Park, Schwartz would play the victim and ask, “Is there something that women are ALLOWED to have an opinion on?”

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Now, Schwartz’s decided to publicly shame one of her critics as well as the entire male gender. She stated, “Men really need to take a deep breath.”

As shown in Schwartz’s Tweet, Instagram user Juicyrevival questioned Schwartz’s passion for the comic book genre after she shared a photo of the graphic novel Dancing at The Pity Party by Tyler Feder to her Instagram.

Juicyrevival asked, “So where on your Instagram is there a mention that you’re passionate about comics? In a medium where frauds are spotted like criminals casing a banks- how do you truly believe you’ll write something interesting?”

Juicyrevival added, “I would say good luck, but that would imply you give a shit beyond your own upward mobility… so how about don’t f*** up an iconic character created by a company that has grown the IP for nearly 50 years…”

Juicyrevivial added, “It’s a connected medium with a character driven by its original source material. My question is this, why are you interested beyond the money? What makes you want to write about She-Hulk when you clearly are not interested in that genre?

They continued, “Pointless seething? Why am I hearing that the industry that birthed the character she is about to write is in trouble on every major journalist outlet? After the trainwreck that was Birds of Prey I would prefer not having another “writer” enter the arena and produce a pile of garbage even her most ardent simps and sycophants- that’s you’re cue Tim- won’t support.”

Juicyrevival added, “The point of my seething protest is that I can smell the disingenuous agenda, driven persona and I would like the “writer” to the “stunning and brave” guts to tell me why she is MOTIVATED to write about a comic character. Sure hope that answer isn’t only about cash and feminist agenda- because that would be selfish wouldn’t it..”

On Twitter Schwartz replied, “Oh no he doubled down.”

Scwhartz also replied on Instagram, “Why do I need to prove anything to you? And also LOL do you really think anyone goes into comics for the MONEY? Can I ask; what have you created?”

The debate on Instagram would continue with Juicyrevival expressing why they are skeptical of She-Hulk and Schwartz’s writing talent.

However, on Twitter, Schwartz returned to her tried and true status of playing a victim because she happens to be a woman. She asked, “Earnest question: do male writers deal with this? (Also imagine seriously believing anyone got into comics for the money lol)

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Anyone who has followed Bounding Into Comics, knows the answer to this question has nothing to do with gender. Plenty of male writers are taking over beloved franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Terminator, Charlie’s Angels, Hellboy, not to mention Marvel Comics and DC Comics. But they aren’t just taking over these franchises, they are actively warping them and in some cases are outright hostile to the fan bases that built the franchises, the people who actually buy the product and provide investors with a return that allows people to write for these properties in the first place.

Star Trek: Picard writer Michael Chabon made it perfectly clear in a recent interview he wrote Picard to “piss off or provoke people.”

Numerous Star Wars fans could not be happier if Rian Johnson never touches Star Wars again after what he did to Luke Skywalker, The Force, and the entire Star Wars canon in The Last Jedi. I’ve personally criticized Johnson as well as other Star Wars writers like Cavan Scott on their lack of understanding of Star Wars.

Luke Skywalker

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YouTuber Gary Buechler has openly criticized Doctor Who chief scribe Chris Chibnall. In a recent video Buechler stated, “Chibnall is incapable of writing this show because the writers for this show don’t understand science fiction, nor do they understand Doctor Who.”

Nevertheless, Schwartz continues with her victimhood status. She sets up a new argument that even the idea of questioning a woman on their writing qualifications is “sexist.”

She writes on Twitter, “The idea that I need to somehow prove my “worthiness” in order to work in a certain genre is incredibly toxic (and also v v sexist).”

She added, “The only people to whom I need to explain my experience, my credentials, and my passion are the people that hired me.”

Her first argument is just completely laughable, and she even contradicts herself in her second point by admitting that there are people she needs to explain her experience and credentials to.

As for her second argument, if you take it as is, she is technically correct. She only needs to explain her experience and credentials and passion to those who hired her. But if the show fails to capture an audience, I’m sure Disney and Marvel Studios executives might come calling and if fan reaction to the show is wildly negative, Schwartz will learn that executives are beholden to the people who are purchasing their products.

Undeterred by her own hypocrisy, Schwartz then claims, “Fan gatekeeping is a profoundly toxic subculture, the people who think enjoying a thing gives them ownership over it.”

In this day and age, where Hollywood is determined to destroy tried and true franchises with identity politics and woke politics, not to mention introducing canon breaking character developments and plot points for the sake of being modern, fan gatekeeping might be more important than ever. It keeps writing team’s honest, and might be one of the few things attempting to preserve the rich, wonderful storytelling of the franchises.

Schwartz then concluded on Twitter by once again shaming Juicyrevival and trying to play the victim by using her gender.

She wrote, “Ok. I’m only posting this here to show how this guy has finally shown his whole ass. He is TERRIFIED at the prospect that a woman might actually genuinely love writing the same characters he enjoys! It would tear his worldview apart.”

I’m not really sure where she gets the idea that Juicyrevival is terrified that a woman might be writing She-Hulk. Juicyrevival doesn’t mention women at all in the attached image. However, Juicyrevival does specifically mention Dana Schwartz.

Maybe, it’s just that Juicyrevival doesn’t want Dana Schwartz writing She-Hulk given her past comments regarding South Park, her obvious disdain for men in general, her attempts to constantly play victim, and what appears to be her overall “woke” outlook on life. Those are all major red flags when it comes to a Hollywood writer because as we’ve seen over the past 5 or so years, people like Dana Schwartz can’t help but put that stuff into their writing and it turns out to be a piss poor product that drives fans away from franchises.

What do you make of Schwartz’s recent comments? Do you have any hope for She-Hulk with her attached to the show?