Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk writer Dana Schwartz responded to her critics by claiming she’s getting death threats and questioned if women are allowed to have opinions.

Earlier this month, Schwartz took to Twitter to state, “it seems impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by South Park.”

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She would later target South Park fans describing them as a “generation of scared, vulnerable young men.” She would also target South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker based on their wealth and skin color.

Following intense criticism of her attack on South Park, Schwartz is now claiming she’s receiving death threats and that she is the victim in this matter despite being the one to initially attack South Park and their fans.

She took to Twitter to write, “I tweeted a pretty mild opinion about a tv show on my own personal twitter account like a week ago, and I’ve been getting multiple death threats every day since. Like, lol. Is there something that women are ALLOWED to have an opinion on?”

She continued, “Like, guys, I cannot tell you how crazy it’s been. CRAZY, almost constant emails. Full, like 15 minute videos on youtube about how ugly I am. Articles about me “TRYING TO GET [TV SHOW] CANCELLED!!!!!!” Nope, wasn’t trying to cancel anything, just tweeted a thought about it! Wild!”

This is an outright lie. She didn’t just tweet a thought about South Park. She stated it was “impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by South Park.” She attacked South Park fans calling them a “generation of scared, vulnerable young men.”

She even posited the idea that the animated comedy show should somehow propose real solutions for the United States of America’s two party system. She also attacked the show claiming the problem with laughing at everything is that it “is a privilege of people who have never faced systemic discrimination.”

Not only did Schwartz attack the show, but it also brought to light some of her rather disturbing opinions on men and culture in general. Not to mention her racist comments towards white men.

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Back in November, she called for the killing of Western Canon.

She would go on to describe “literary canon as it exists is racist and patriarchal. And it keeps reinforcing itself.”

She then espoused the racist view that no novels written by white men should be allowed in high school for the next 20 years.

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Nevertheless, Schwartz continued with her victim narrative, despite outing herself as a racist and misandrist.

She wrote, “I am a professional entertainment journalist, author of multiple books, writer for TV and comic books. And apparently, I can’t use my own personal twitter to share a THOUGHT about a tv show without dozens of people emailing me that I’m a k*** who needs to be raped and murdered.”

She continued, “I guess finding a new target for trolling makes them feel united? Gives them some meaning to their day?”

Schwartz added, “But, I ask you, who is the “triggered” one: -the one who tweeted a personal thought on a topic, or -the ones who then went back years back through on someone’s instagram to find unflattering pictures to make fully edited videos about how she’s ruining their lives?”

She continued, “The craziest part is, it wasn’t even a particularly novel opinion! Lindy West wrote about it in her book last year. Sean O’Neal wrote a piece for AV Club in 2017:”

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She concluded, “Maybe the best distillation of the point was made by David Foster Wallace all the way back in 1993. Wonder what names the trolls would call him.”

Now, I’m not excusing the people who are attacking Schwartz personally, that is wrong.  But the majority of the criticism I have seen has been about her ideas rather than anything else.

Instead of addressing the criticisms about her ideas, she’s playing the victim card like she’s being persecuted or burned at the stake. She’s not. There might be some people who are being quite nasty to her, but a lot of people simply expressed their disagreement and explained why.  Schwartz was free to express her opinion. No one stopped her from doing so.

She exposes the weakness of her own question about women not allowed to have an opinion, by putting her opinion out there and receiving criticism for said opinion. She was able to freely express her opinion.

But the question that Schwartz is really asking is why isn’t everyone else agreeing with her opinion. That’s her real problem. She wasn’t expecting people to criticize her opinion. And that’s why she’s playing victim now. Her argument is broken and shattered and she must now hide behind the victim card.

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One user summed up her actions in comic form accurately.

What do you make of Schwartz’s new claim that she’s the victim after she launched the first attack? Did you expect this tactic?

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