Carlos Gomez Reveals His Final America Chavez Design – “Fans” Deem It “Oversexualized”

With the destruction of the comic book industry on the horizon, Marvel Comics has decided to face the apocalypse with three defiant declarations of boldness, bravery, and vision. The relaunch of the New Warriors, Children of the Atom, and a new America Chavez series!

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While the New Warriors and Children of the Atom seem to be cut from the same unsellable cloth – the America Chavez: Made in the U.S.A. book looked like it might have some life.

From a design aspect, that is. Carlos Gomez recently debuted his final design on Instagram.

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While a number of fans appear happy about the new design, some believe it is “oversexualized.”

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Personally, I’ve been a fan of the character since she was utilized in the Avengers Academy series. I appreciated her design, origin, and powerset up to her usage in Al Ewing’s, The Ultimates. Visually, depending on who’s drawing her, she’s more or less looked the same over the years.

Here’s what she looked like in her first appearance in Vengeance #1.

The most recent version is undoubtedly more curvy – but why exactly is that a bad thing?

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This wasn’t Gomez’s first attempt at redesigning America – if you can call it that. His first set of models were a bit more toned and muscled, but not a far cry from the second effort. It would seem that the imprint of the character’s posterior, as would be the case while wearing yoga-pants, has triggered some of Ms. America’s fanbase.

America Chavez gets a Design Update – ‘Fans’ React

Carlos Gomez’ first re-design set

I’m all for listening to your customers but this is, what? America’s 3rd or 4th relaunch this decade? I think the existing crowd of America Chavez fans has proven inadequate to carry the book, especially in a time when selling them will undoubtedly be more of a challenge.

Feel better?

If the Twitter folk lay off and appreciate that there are women that do indeed look and dress like this regularly – perhaps this go-round it’ll appeal to more potential customers than it has been able to in the past several attempts.

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Admittedly, during the last couple of years, America’s design has been a bit… different. For a lack of better words – Chavez has become more masculine than when she first debuted. Squarer jaw, leaner musculature – and that is all well and good. Women come in all shapes and sizes. If I can accept that, why can’t others get down with this?

America Chavez gets a Design Update – ‘Fans’ React

From a sales point of view – America’s books haven’t been a smash hit. Seeing a company attempt a change, of course, isn’t the end of the world. To be honest, Gomez himself said his designs may not be reflective of what will be found between the covers, so all this outrage and eye-rolling may all be for naught.

I think Gomez’s renditions are dope – but the character has become so polarizing I doubt it’d change many perceptions at this point. What did you think about Carlos Gomez’s redesigns? A welcome change, or too much? Let us know below.

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