Character of the Day: James Gordon

James Gordon is a staple of DC Comics. You can’t really think of Batman without James Gordon. Gordon is typically an ally of Batman even if he might be a wary one.

Gordon was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane and made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939 as Commissioner Gordon. Detective Comics #27 also happens to be the first appearance of Batman.

In this first tale, Gordon investigates the murder of Lambert, the Chemical King, the owner of the Apex Chemical Corporation. The investigation leads to a second murder and a conspiracy involving a former partner who was attempting to take control of the company by murdering the competition.

But before Gordon became Commissioner, he made a name for himself as a beat. One of his first cases was apprehending the cold-blooded murderer Sheik Hanson. While on patrol, Gordon got the drop on the criminal as he was robbing an art shop. A fight ensued with Gordon coming out on top.

Gordon would continue to make a name for himself capturing Pete the Phantom, solving the Wax Museum murders, and nailing the arch-arsonist Harry the Torch.

In Gordon’s early days, he wished he could get his hands on Batman, given Batman’s vigilante activities typically makes the police department look ridiculous, solving crimes and confounding criminals that they were unable to.

However, he would come to highly respect Batman and even became one of his closest allies. At one point Gordon declares Batman an “honorary member of the Gotham City police department.” That partnership would last for nearly 30 years with Batman cooperating with the GCPD.

Gordon would typically call Batman to the police headquarters via the Bat Signal requesting his help with cases typically involving supervillains.

Gordon has proved his loyalty to Batman on numerous occasions refusing to discover or even investigate his identity. Although at one point he does fall to curiosity, but Batman’s identity eludes him as he poses as another Gotham socialite.

Batman also highly trusts Gordon. In the case of his death he left a letter that revealed his identity to Gordon.

Gordon is typically shown wearing glasses with a thick mustache, and white hair, although he has also been shown with brown and gray hair.

Gordon has multiple children. In early comics, he was the father of a son named Tony. However, in 1967, it would be revealed that he’s also the father of Barbara Gordon, you might know her as Batgirl or Oracle. He is also the father of James Gordon Jr.

In an especially traumatic adventure with Batman, Gordon is captured by the Joker and systematically tortured by his minions, who strip him down and taunt him with illicit photos of his daughter in an attempt to drive him insane.

Gordon has also taken on the mantle of Batman on a number of occasions. He does so in the New 52 where he dons a mecha suit as part of Powers International’s contract with the Gotham City Police Department.

Gordon is a staple of the Batman franchise and will continue to be as the two share the same crusade of ridding Gotham City of crime.

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