Game of Thrones star Kit Harington will be playing Dane Whitman aka the Black Knight in the upcoming The Eternals film. It’s a good match given he’s been playing a knight of sorts already in the form of Jon Snow for for so many years.

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One of the biggest mysteries about the film is the the actual costumes the characters will wear. Nothing official has been released regarding what the characters might look. Although we did get some alleged leaked photos showing off Richard Madden’s Ikaris, Angelina Jolie’s Thena, and Lauren Ridloff’s Ajak.

While we haven’t gotten anything about what their superhero costumes might look like, we have seen Harington’s character in his civilian garb. Twitter account BRMarvelNews shared the photos back in January.

You can see Harington alongside his co-star Gemma Chan.

They also shared a set video.

Rushed Pre-Production

A new rumor, now explains why we haven’t seen the characters in their superhero uniforms. The Direct and insider Daniel Richtman claim pre-production of the film was rushed to meet the filming schedule.

They claim due to the rushed pre-production sets weren’t fully completed, parts of the script was incomplete, and the costumes weren’t finished.

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They go on to indicate that Harington’s Black Knight costume will be completed in post-production and digitally recreated.

Maybe more importantly they note that the costume will be comic book accurate. However, they don’t detail which comic book version of the Black Knight’s costume we will get.

Black Knight Suit Possibilities

They do offer a number of possibilities though. The first is from Mystic Arcana #2.

The second is from Black Knight #1 that debuted in 2016.

The third design is also from Mystic Arcana #2.

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And finally they suggest the suit design from Eric Powell’s Black Knight #1 variant cover.

As you can see the Black Knight has gone through a number of suits over the years. A few of the helmets are reminiscent of Nova.

However, there is the possibility they could go back to another costume.  The one sported by Sir Percy of Scandia in Black Knight #1 from 1955.

Who is The Black Knight?

Black Knight was created back when Marvel Comics was still Atlas Comics in 1955. He was created by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely. His creation pre-dates the appearance of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

Sir Percy of Scandia was the first Black Knight. He served the court of King Arthur and was recruited by the wizard Merlin. He wields the Ebony Blade fashioned out of meteorite. In a battle against Mordred he would be killed when the knight stabbed him in the back with an enchanted blade.

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The second Black Knight is a descendant of the first, professor Nathan Garret. He stumbles upon the tomb of his ancestor and the Ebony Blade. However, Garret’s evil tendencies made him unworthy of using it. He becomes a villain, fashioning himself medieval weapons with modern enhancements and a genetically engineered winged horse. He embarks on a crime spree and fights against various members of the Avengers. He loses a battle with Iron Man, and falls off his winged horse to his demise.

In his last moments, Garret summons his nephew Dane Whitman to his side. He reveals his identity to Dane as well as his regrets about his life of crime.

The third in the line to the title of Black Knight, Dane Whitman, sported the nova looking Chalcidean helms, the sallet, as well as a winged helm version.

Garret in his short stint as Black Knight only had the Chalcidean helm. Sir Percy sports the great helm.

But which costume do you think they’ll put on Harrington for the Eternals?

Marvel’s Eternals is out in theaters February 2021.

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