Disney Censors Daryl Hannah’s Rear End In ‘Splash’ on Disney Plus

Disney censored Daryl Hannah’s naked rear end when they uploaded Splash to Disney Plus. Splash was the first film released by Touchstone Pictures, a label created by Walt Disney Studios to target adult audiences.

In the Disney Plus version of Splash, originally released in 1984 and starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, Disney censored Hannah’s naked butt as she dived into the ocean. They covered the quick scene up with a CGI splash.

Not only did they cover up Hannah’s butt as she dives into the water, but they also digitally made her hair longer in order to cover up more of her backside as she stands next to Hanks’ Allen Bauer.

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The Verge reports that Disney confirmed Splash was censored. A representative told them that a “few scenes” were “slighted edited to remove nudity.”

You can see the original version below, where Hannah’s Madison character gives Allen Bauer a kiss and then dives into the ocean. As she dives into the ocean, you can briefly see her naked behind.

In the Disney Plus version, you can see that Disney added in a giant splash to cover up Hannah’s butt.

YouTubers Clownfish TV point out that this isn’t the first time Disney has censored their own content for Disney Plus.

Kneon states, “This is a problem right? This is a problem because a lot of the stuff, especially Disney Plus, they are going in and censoring.”

He adds, “Disney is sort of rewriting its own history current year and what the problem is with all digital media, where even if you go buy a movie on Vudu or something, who is to say they might not decide to change it two or three years.”

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He continued, “And then when you go to watch it even though you bought that movie the version you now own, or rent or lease or whatever is now the current version. It’d be like buying the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS and popping it in one day and finding the Special Edition has overwritten it.”

Not only is the censorship an issue from a digital media perspective, but it also shows Disney’s complete and utter hypocrisy when it comes to enacting their censorship. As The Verge points out, Disney has not censored Thor: Ragnarok which shows Hulk’s backside completely naked.

It’s also strange that Disney decided to censor the film to put it on Disney Plus instead of just putting it on Hulu given the film was created under Touchstone and was originally aimed at older audiences anyways.

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Maybe more concerning is this type of censorship is becoming a habit for Disney.

This is just the latest film to be censored on Disney Plus. When the platform launched astute Star Wars fans noticed the original Star Wars film once again changed the iconic scene between Han Solo and Greedo.

It even added in some kind of weird phrase to Greedo’s speech where it sounds like he says, “Maclunkey.”

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They removed an end credit scene from Toy Story 2 that showed Stinky Pete with two Barbie Dolls.

They also censored a dryer scene in Lilo & Stitch. Instead of having Lilo hide in a dyer, they instead have her hide underneath a table behind a pizza box. A table that looks very much like an oven.

What do you make of these changes to Splash? Do you think Disney is taking their censorship way too far?

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