The Batgirl solo movie is rumored to still be a go at Warner Bros. and believed to be a spinoff of Birds of Prey rather than The Batman which will take place in a separate universe with its own Jim Gordon played by Jeffrey Wright.

Geeks WorldWide writer Emre Kaya dropped the rumor on Twitter. He wrote, “A Batgirl movie is planned, but it’s supposed to be in the continuity of BoP so we’ll see.”

Grace Randolph would also announce her own scoop claiming Batgirl is intended to be a standalone within the DC Extended Universe. It “will have a DIFFERENT Commissioner Gordon,” she writes, not played by Jeffrey Wright.

She goes on to state that The Batman “exists in a vacuum, like Joker.”

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After Randolph’s announcement gained wider attention, Kaya elaborated on what he had heard about a Batgirl film reiterating that it’ll spin-off from the recently released Birds of Prey film. That Birds of Prey only earned $198 million globally on an $82 million production budget doesn’t appear to be changing studio plans.

Replies noted this will preclude Robert Pattinson’s Batman showing up, no matter if we’re talking cameos or something more. Kaya, however, doesn’t see the problem, believing the universes will merge down the line.

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Kaya predicts the merging of continuities will occur before Matt Reeves gets to either Barbara Gordon or Dick Grayson in his rumored trilogy.

A rumor stating Reeves will introduce Robin and a new Joker to adapt Death in the Family does not ultimately hint Dick Grayson enters the picture. We don’t know his plans for Barbara Gordon, if any.

Barbara is slated for Season 3 of Titans on DC Universe. It’s unclear if she shall go full Batgirl to fight with the team but a character breakdown tells us she is the paralyzed Commissioner of the Gotham PD. Either way, we expect her to tell Dick like it is.

The character was recently featured on DC Universe’s Harley Quinn animated series. After helping Harley and Poison Ivy defeat The Riddler, Barbara Gordon crafts a Batgirl costume and leaps out the window to protect Gotham.

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Batgirl didn’t appear in Birds of Prey – the solo movie allegedly prevented it – but Birds scribe Christina Hodson is writing her new silver-screen adventure.

Like we learned regarding The Flash, the script probably isn’t done yet with Hodson working on it right now.

The film doesn’t have a release date. BOP is available now to stream for cheap on VOD. The Batman is slated for June 2021 but could lose that slot to delay.

Tell us your thoughts on a Batgirl movie below. Would you see it?