New Batman Rumor Indicates Joker and Robin Will Be Introduced for Death in the Family Adaptation

We’re learning more about what could be in the future for Matt Reeves’ The Batman if it does become another trilogy. A new rumor says there are plans to introduce Robin and The Joker so Reeves can adapt one of the most infamous and tragic Batman stories ever.

This exclusive scoop comes from Warren The Cosmic Wonder on YouTube by way of Mikey Sutton who says Warner Bros. is discussing a trilogy culminating in a Death in the Family scenario where Joker kills Robin.

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You can watch Warren’s video directly below, but be warned, it contains heavy spoilers.

There are two takeaways from this. One is Robin will be introduced in Reeves’ films eventually. Which one is unclear but, if they are going to retell Death in the Family on the big screen, Jason Todd is the likeliest choice.

The second takeaway is The Joker is obviously brought in for the purpose of killing Robin. According to Sutton and Warren, this Joker will most definitely not be played by Jared Leto.

“The Joker is wild again,” explains Warren, “and Batman will face another tragedy as his character develops, deepening and growing more intense.”

Jason Todd’s temporary death was one of Batman’s biggest failures and remains one of the character’s defining moments.

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Cosmic Wonder notes no one really knows the plans for the DC Extended Universe. He uses Suicide Squad and its connections to Harley Quinn as an example as well as how Birds of Prey and James Gunn’s upcoming The Suicide Squad film are also connected.

There is a strange relationship between the movies. Depending on when The Batman takes place, the scoop suggests it could wind up as a continuation of Todd Phillips’ Joker.

That’s not terribly likely. Warren states Sutton believes a new Clown Prince of Crime will be cast to wreak havoc in Gotham.

However, that doesn’t mean WB will find an actor younger than Joaquin Phoenix. A different rumor says the studio might be looking at Johnny Depp to play a more manic Joker. Take that for what it’s worth.

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Our glimpses into The Batman have shown us the new suit, a Batcycle, and the Batmobile. We know the elite rogues, from Penguin to Riddler, are present and accounted for. Having a sidekick makes sense and the addition of Bats’s greatest enemy is fitting.

We’ve seen them both on-screen enough times but never with the stakes so high and Robin’s life at the mercy of Joker.

The Batman is reportedly based on The Long Halloween. Evolving into Death in the Family sounds interesting. With Hush potentially being thrown into the mix also for the sequel, things will play out differently than comic readers expect.

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