A report this week bound to make the faithful supporters of Zack Snyder mad, offers that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is not being released. Before you rage, know that story had immediate responses to the contrary and might not be accurate.

Fandom Wire ran with a word from their “exclusive sources” the Snyder Cut is not finished and won’t secretly drop on HBO Max at launch.

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Zack Snyder Justice League

And Signore, wrote:

“We know many fans of Snyder and his #SnyderArmy, will not believe us, no matter what we type… but the reality is, there not only won’t be a secret drop of the project on HBO Max, but we’ve also confirmed that cut is not finished.”

Signore added Warner Bros. is “frustrated” and “fed up” Snyder encourages fans to keep #ReleaseTheSnyderCut trending – a ploy the studio considers “noise.”

They feel bullied and vilified, “like they’re holding his finished cut for ransom,” and don’t wish to work with him again. “In fact, each time the film trends, it’s actually making the release less and less likely,” Signore wrote.

This follows a story earlier in the week in which Signore stated WB is going to use The Flash movie to wipe Snyder’s films from continuity.

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Far from the end of it, Grace Randolph countered Signore’s claims with the following comments in a YouTube Q&A:

“I think that it will happen. I can’t guarantee it. I know there have been discussions. I know what Zack Snyder wants. I think it’s great. I think that it is certainly within Warner Bros.’ budget. I think it really depends on how desperate Warner Bros. gets with HBO Max. I mean, nothing would sell that service like the Snyder Cut, or now Zack Snyder’s Justice League. I think it’s still very much in play.”

Earlier, Randolph addressed Snyder’s plans for Justice League, new scenes, and “VFX work” put on hold by coronavirus:

“I’ve heard, again from my sources, that Snyder wants to shoot several new scenes that require VFX work. And of course, now they can’t do that [because of the coronavirus]… From what I’ve heard of what he wants to add, it will mean the difference between diehard fans having the satisfaction of finally seeing it versus piquing the interest of even the casual fans and naysayers. It’s that cool! He really has some cool ideas for what he wants to add to this.”

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Grant that Randolph is hopeful but doesn’t sound entirely certain. Signore, likewise, offers the caveat he wants the Snyder Cut to be completed, he just doesn’t think it will happen.

He also said Snyder had a meeting with Warner and asked for $20 million to finish his movie. They reportedly said “’No, way’” and talks ceased.

Goof Troop

Cosmic Book News responded to the report as well, calling it a “goofy rumor.” Head writer Matt McGloin did a deep dive into the Fandom Wire accusations and laughs them off.

He reminds readers we already know Snyder’s cut isn’t finished and “Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, all got involved with the Release the Snyder Cut campaign,” which likely wouldn’t happen if there was animus between parties.

WB also wouldn’t have let Snyder hold a Batman v. Superman watch party where he rejected the official version of Justice League while teasing his own.

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McGloin further points out:

“Again, the new CEO of WarnerMedia, Jason Kilar, ‘liked’ a fan tweet about the Snyder Cut.

With the streaming wars bigger than ever due to the coronavirus (hello Netflix, Disney Plus), Warner Bros. looks down on Snyder Cut fans? And an “insider” at WB actually told someone this? Okay. Maybe I’ll sign up for CBS All Access (no chance).”

He sees Signore as contradicting himself:

“The article contradicts itself as it says the Snyder Cut won’t be released but then says due to Snyder Cut trending it has less of a chance of getting released. Which is it?”

McGloin closes saying he’ll do some digging and stresses a cut being unfinished “doesn’t mean it won’t get released.”

We advise you to take any current Snyder Cut rumblings with some added salt.