A new rumor indicates Disney’s top executives in Bob Iger and Bob Chapek are “livid” over the rumored female-centric Star Wars series from Leslye Headland first reported by Variety.

The rumor comes from WDW Pro on the WDW Magic Forums.

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He started a thread noting that a source told him that “both Bob Iger and Bob Chapek are unhappy with Lucasfilm and there is faster than normal movement going on to get high level meetings going.”

He described Iger and Chapek’s feelings as “livid.” WDW Pro wrote, “The term used was ‘livid’ but I just can’t imagine what they could possibly have done.”

Later in the thread, another user guessed that their reason for being livid might have to do with the rumored female-centric Star Wars series from former Harvey Weinstein personal assistant Leslye Headland.

WDW Pro would confirm this guess writing, “Yep, you beat me to it. Apparently the goobers at Lucasfilm hired Harvey Weinstein’s former personal assistant who comes with significant PR baggage, potentially legal baggage, and did so without consulting Disney or their legal department.”

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He adds, “Makes sense now… I couldn’t figure out how they could even screw up from home, but they found a way.”

Reporting on the rumor YouTubers Kneon and Geeky Sparkles of Clownfish TV speculate that the information Variety reported might have come directly from Headland.

Kneon states, “I am speculating that Headland took it upon herself.”

When Geeky Sparkles questions that the rumor points to Disney being “livid” at Lucasfilm instead of Headland, Kneon responds, “For hiring her and I think she went running to the press and I will tell you why.”

He elaborates, “1. This does not feel like a Disney marketing campaign. And 2. Disney is chopping shows right now. They pulled the plug on shows citing force majeure which is they have the clause if there is an act of God to pull the plug on already contracted shows.”

He then continues, “Now, if you have 2015 brain, 2015 brain, and you go out there and you put yourself out there, and you put your face out there and you talk about woman power, you are going to scare the studios into not cancelling your show. But Disney that is in dire straits now they are not going to put up with that shit.”

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Later in the video Geeky Sparkles elaborates on the idea that Variety’s information came from Headland’s PR people.

She explains, “This is most likely her PR people trying to get it out there and make sure she tries to draw attention for  herself and get in the media so Disney can’t cancel it.”

Midnight’s Edge also speculates that Headland’s people also provided the information about the Star Wars series to Variety.

Midnight’s Edge explains, “To me with the way this was leaked to Variety and more importantly and the way the Variety was worded this looks like an awful lot like someone behind the scenes are trying to force this into being made.”

He elaborates, “This kind of leaking looks to me at least more like political maneuvering than it does testing the waters or one party’s ploy to get more money which are other common reasons for news like this leaking to the trades.”

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“Honestly, I think the reason Variety says the story is being kept under wraps is that there isn’t one. Not yet,” Midnight’s Edge continues.

He adds, “I think Kathleen Kennedy hired Leslye Headland to specifically do something, anything female-centric, and they don’t even know what yet. But now that they’ve put the news out there, now that they’ve got the entertainment media complex and twitterati all fired up it will be very hard for Bob Iger to shut it down.”

Midnight’s Edge concludes, “Disney, and Lucasfilm in particular is a house divided.”

What do you make of this latest rumor and speculation?

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