The CW’s Batwoman series starring Ruby Rose posted its worst viewership numbers in its debut season with its latest episode “A Narrow Escape.”

According to TV Series Finale, Batwoman’s “A Narrow Escape” was only viewed by 634,000 people and posted a .20 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

That is the worst viewership the show has had in its first season since it premiered on October 6, 2019.

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The last time the show had viewership below 700,000 was on January 26th with “An Un-Birthday Present.”

The show has been on a relatively steady decline since it first aired.

It’s premiere episode was viewed by 1.86 million viewers and had a 18-49 demo rating of .47. By the second episode it dropped to 1.45 million with a rating of .35. That’s an over 22% decline in viewership.

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The show would continue to bleed viewership until the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover episode on December 9th titled “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two.” That episode  saw viewership boom to 1.704 million and a rating of .60.

However, it would be a short-lived viewership boost. The following episode “How Queer Everything Is Today” which aired on January 19, 2020 saw viewership plummet to below 1 million for the first time. It only had 791,000 viewers. The 18-49 demo rating also plummeted to .20.

The next episode, viewership would plunge to below 700,00 with only 674,000 people tuning in for “An Un-Birthday Present”

It would reach a viewership high for 2020 with the next episode, February 16th’s “Take Your Choice.” It had viewership of 848,000 and a rating of .23.

From there the show would continue to decline. The next three episodes would have viewership at 815,000, 751,000, and then 749,000.

There would be a slight rebound with “Through the Looking-Glass” on March 22nd. It saw viewership at 765,000. However, the next episode and the most recent posted the lowest viewership ratings ever for the show with 634,000.

Overall the show has seen its viewership decline by over 65% since its premiere.

Audiences Rate The Show Poorly

The declining viewership reflects audience ratings of the show.

On Rotten Tomatoes the series has a 13% Audience Score from 7864 user ratings.

On Metacritic is has a User Score of 1.6 based on 316 ratings.

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The CW did announce back in January that Batwoman would receive a second season and it would begin airing sometime in the Fall of 2020. However, it’s unclear if that will actually happen.

Deadline reported back in March that Batwoman was one of a number of series that did not finish filming its final episodes due to government mandated shutdowns over concerns from the Wuhan Virus. It had two episodes left to film.

Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva reported, “There are no firm plans in place for those series’ outstanding episodes.”

Batwoman’s Camrus Johnson, who plays Luke Fox, recently spoke to TVLine and indicated that the series will replace its original finale that was to take place with Episode 22 with Episode 20.

Johnson stated, “Honestly, man, I love this finale. I wouldn’t say I like it more than the finale we had planned, but I will say that when I saw the end of Episode 20, I gasped. [Laughs]”

He added, “It’s really awesome, and I think the fans are going to be pretty happy with what they see. I personally was very impressed that we did what we did at the end of Episode 20. I was very taken back, like, ‘Wow.'”

Johnson did indicate that he hopes they will shoot Episodes 21 and 22, “Although I’d love to shoot Episodes 21 and 22 — and I still hope those stories come, because those episodes are freaking fantastic –– I am totally OK, at the current moment, finishing the season with [Episode 20] because I think it’s a pretty incredible cliffhanger.”

What do you make of Batwoman’s declining viewership?