We’ve all heard the Batman does not kill even though several people over the years – from Zack Snyder to Frank Miller – begged to differ. Now add Caroline Dries and the writers of Batwoman to that list.

Last Sunday’s episode of The CW show revealed a critical twist that explains why we haven’t seen Bruce Wayne or The Joker, and may never.

Batman, according to Lucius Fox’s son Luke, broke his one dubious rule five years ago, killing his greatest foe and tormentor.

Batman and Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum - Rocksteady & Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Catching on? Batman killed Joker! What’s more, they gaslit everyone into thinking Joker has been locked up in Arkham this whole time.

How’d all this come to light? Over the last couple of episodes, Kate Kane has killed August Cartwright, the man who kept her sister, Alice, captive, and beat herself up over it to the point she was too traumatized to wear the cowl.

She suffered panic attacks every time she put it on in Sunday’s ep, like a purist suffering a bout of compunction and feeling she betrayed the code. Kate believes Gotham City’s silent guardian should not and cannot be a murderer; sadly, she didn’t have all the facts.

Kate confessed to Luke she put an end to Cartwright in a fit of rage. In response, he downplayed her anxieties by coming clean with the deep, dark secret she wasn’t the only one to cross that line.

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It could be a scenario similar to Titans where Batman was shown murdering Joker during a vision created by Trigon or some other entity, or the events of Death in the Family may have taken place in the reality of Earth-Prime and he simply snapped after Joker killed Robin.

Or Crisis on Infinite Earths and the merging of universes may have resulted in another anomaly among many the heroes are learning about. The shocking revelation came fast and suddenly with no explanation.

The Joker might not even be dead, just allowing everyone to think he is so he can bide his time before making his next move. If not, there is always that three Jokers paradox.

We have no clue how Dries and her team will write their way out of this one. Batwoman’s ratings being what they are, it may not matter.

For now, we bank on Joker not showing up on Batwoman anytime soon and his death as the reason Bruce stepped away from Gotham this time.


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They’ve had no problem playing with Bat canon this season or making Bruce Wayne into a cold-blooded killer.

During the Crisis crossover, Kevin Conroy was cast as a variation on Kingdom Come’s Bruce who proved to be psychotic and eliminated Superman in calculated fashion.

Is Batman a killer? Is it okay if he is? Make your thoughts known below.