According to a new rumor, a prominent member of the Bat-family is killed off in The Batman. If you’ve paid attention to the comics recently, you can probably figure out who it is.

Twitter user Vullein posted then deleted a series of cryptic messages that later turned up on Reddit and sparked discussion. Long story short, a controversial twist where Alfred gets killed is being predicted.

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Specific details weren’t mentioned, only that something consistent with the source material occurs which is going to freak fans out.

Apparently something controversial is gonna happen in the Batman from DCEUleaks

It has nothing to do with Batman killing, apparently, or with a retcon of Bruce Wayne’s sexuality as a few Redditors guessed. For the twist to be comic-accurate, a gay or bisexual Batman has to be ruled out.

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Alfred’s death is a sound prediction. Murdered by Bane, he was killed off during Tom King’s run. It’s also something we have not seen yet in the movies, aside from him being near death in Batman & Robin.

This isn’t the first time Alfred has been killed in the comics. In an out of continuity mini-series titled Nightwing: The New Order, Alfred would be killed by Crusaders.

Fans speculate this development is due to Andy Serkis, who is playing Alfred, being torn between The Batman and other obligations, such as directing Venom 2. His screen time may be miniscule and he may only be signed on for one film.

We saw that happen in the MCU when Serkis played Ulysses Klaue. He showed up in Age of Ultron long enough for his hand to be cut off and finished out his arc in Black Panther, executed by Killmonger.

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Deaths in the family are what Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will have to deal with. Another rumor asserts Robin is planned for future movies but he will be killed by The Joker before long, much like in comics of the 80s.

Previous leaks lead us to believe other marquee characters will be as disposable. It was said by someone who claims to have read the script that Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) is assassinated by The Riddler a third of the way through.

It sounds interesting and different but if all Matt Reeves has to keep Batman dark and fresh is the wanton killing of more characters, I’m skeptical.

Disagree? Do you think Alfred meets his end in The Batman? Tell us your thoughts below.

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