We have photo confirmation No Time to Die and Hunger Games actor Jeffrey Wright is going to rock Commissioner Gordon’s mustache in The Batman.

Wright posed for a picture in London with a fan and he clearly “has Gordon’s classic mustache.” Have a look at it below.

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Wright carries on a tradition in keeping with the comics. Only Ben McKenzie (Gotham) and Neil Hamilton (the ’60s Batman TV series) went without a ‘stache – although McKenzie grew one eventually.

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And speaking of Hamilton, in a bit of irony, Wright revealed why he agreed to sign on for The Batman. He told CNET that he was a “lunatic” fan of Adam West’s Batman and Matt Reeves shared that fandom.

Wright added he was somewhat into the comics as well:

“I was a bit of a fan of Batman comics, and comics generally, growing up. But I was a lunatic Adam West Batman fan. And Matt Reeves, who is directing the movie, was as well. And we were talking about it and he said, ‘In my mind, that wasn’t camp.'”

But Wright cautions The Batman won’t match the ’60s Batman in tone and tied it back to James Bond, interestingly:

“Now, this is not to say that we’re doing an Adam West Batman in any respect. But that for me was my early dive into the Batman cosmos. Matt and I agree it wasn’t camp for us, it was deadly serious for an 8-year-old kid. Deadly serious with the most tricked-out heroic technology and bells and whistles this side of James Bond.”

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Wright isn’t the only one to compare Batman to James Bond.

Christopher Nolan told Variety back in 2018 that he “pillaged” James Bond for his Batman trilogy. Nolan stated, “We mercilessly pillaged from the James Bond films for certain aspects.”

Variety details that he noted “how Gotham’s chief inventor Lucius Fox is similar to Bond’s Agent Q, who has a closet full of gadgets.” However, Nolan believes Inception is much more like Bond than his Batman films, “But I think if I made my version of James Bond, ‘Inception’ is far more guilty of that than ‘The Dark Knight.'”

As for Wright detailing it won’t be Adam West Batman, that lines up with everything we know about The Batman so far. Except for the Batmobile and the gaggle of villains, it won’t be anything like the Adam West TV show.

As was the case with Gary Oldman in Batman Begins, Jeffrey Wright probably does not start as Commissioner. Actor Alex Ferns is reportedly cast as the interim Gotham Police Commissioner with Gordon ascending to the position down the road.

Wright plays a race-swapped Gordon which was an unexpected move, at first. It may not nearly be as controversial as the actor’s comments about President Trump.

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