A new set of Batman leaks detail that the villain Firefly will play a prominent role in the film.

An anonymous user claiming to have read the first third of Matt Reeves’ screenplay posted details to Imgur on Leap Day.

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According to the leaker, The Batman is “very noir” and Bruce (Robert Pattinson) narrates “in the style of Maltese Falcon and the like.” Narration and inner monologues are as true to the Dark Knight as mid-20th century film noir. Anyone who’s seen Batman: The Animated Series can attest to that.

The plot reportedly revolves around a mystery that will showcase Batman’s detective skills. The post backs this up. Batman investigates “a series of arsons” he thinks will bring down Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), who is described as “his biggest adversary.”

Reeves borrows a little from Batman Begins with that one. Bruce (Christian Bale) had just donned the cowl and Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) was the biggest crimelord in Gotham.

As we know, there will be supervillains too. Firefly, who has been identified as among the myriad of rogues, is behind the arsons. He fights Batman only to be beaten and captured, alleges the leak.

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Bruce “calls [Jim] Gordon” (Jeffrey Wright) at this point. The two’s relationship is “very hesitant” and “distrusting” – which sounds like Frank Miller’s Year One – but they have “a heavy amount of respect.” Gordon also sounds concerned, afraid “Batman is quickly getting in over his head.”

Bruce’s relationship with Alfred (Andy Serkis) is uneasy as well. The leak likens them more to argumentative brothers or an uncle and his nephew. “Things feel like they could bubble over into a fist fight,” says the post.

Back now to Falcone, he’s in court and wins the case which it seems he often does. There’s mention of Harvey Dent – “he might do better.”

It sounds as if Dent is namedropped without making an appearance. Peter Sarsgaard is suspected of playing Dent according to some reports, but it’s only speculation.

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Dent may or may not be present but Bruce is said to take a more active role in Wayne Enterprises than we’re used to seeing. “We see him working with and meeting with people in various levels of business,” it says.

That doesn’t scream “billionaire a-hole” like a prior leak on Reddit but it is only the first third of the movie.

Regardless, the street and crimefighting are always his focus. Keeping the streets safer and fighting Firefly leads Batman to Oswald Cobblepot (Colin Farrell). He doesn’t go by The Penguin but is a mobster and head of another crime family. Firefly was burning down “Falcone stashhouses” and working for Oswald.

Played by the slim and of-average-height Colin Farrell and without a nickname, at least according to this leak, we may be in for a big departure from source material when it comes to Oswald Cobblepot – even if he isn’t blonde.

Nevertheless, he eliminates his competition. Batman finds the bloodied body of Falcone with a letter “pinned to his chest” after discovering a question mark painted in blood on the Batmobile. The implication: The Riddler (Paul Dano) has struck.

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Is Riddler working for Cobblepot as well? We don’t know, that’s as far as the anonymous poster got. Accurate or not, it’s pretty compelling stuff.

View the post for yourself below:

The post might not be legitimate but if it is there still are mitigating factors. It’s possible this could be an early draft of the script and what they read was already revised months before. It happens all the time and could be the case here.

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