Several YouTube critics have reported that Warner Bros. has issued content ID claims against their respective videos, which criticized The CW’s Batwoman television show, for featuring the series’ trailer.

One of the earliest claims was reported on October 24th by media review channel Mr H Reviews, who reported that his video criticizing the then-newly released Batwoman trailer had been claimed by WBTV, specifically citing the use of the “season trailer.”

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A few days later, on October 29th, fellow media and culture critic It’sAGundam announced that his own video had been similarly claimed, though for a separate, “first look trailer” instead, claiming that it was being down because “the show isn’t a hit.”

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The claims have continued, as popular gaming YouTuber TheQuartering reported that his video, titled “The Unending Yikes That Is Batwoman Delivers Againand published months prior in June, had been claimed, citing the use of a teaser and a trailer.

TheQuartering has since been able to successfully challenge this claim and has had the video released, though has warned that these false claims may be an attempt to silence criticism of the underperforming Arrowverse spinoff.

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As of writing, neither Warner Bros. nor anyone involved in the Batwoman production team has publicly commented on this alleged silencing of critics.

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