Batwoman, CW’s Arrowverse action drama featuring the first leading lesbian superhero, has struggled in the ratings since it premiered at the beginning of October. It suffered a 35% decline in viewership during the first three weeks and attracted only 1.16 million live viewers with the last episode.

Unable to draw a loyal audience, the show is rumored to be circling the drain of cancellation, say sources “in the know” and close to We Got This Covered. Batwoman, according to the source, “could soon be axed” but executives may still give it a full season, or even one more, “to right the ship.”

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Batwoman’s been criticized for its “woke” politics and feminist overtones before it debuted.

The casting of Ruby Rose also came under criticism causing the actress to quit Twitter. A number of individuals complained Rose was not Jewish with some even stating they didn’t believe she was a lesbian.

Ruby Rose Quits Twitter After Batwoman Casting

Rose was shocked by the backlash which came suddenly when she auditioned for Batwoman. Identifying as “gender-fluid,” as Rose does, made her less of a woman in the eyes of critics. She opened up to Entertainment Weekly back in June:

“When I got cast as a lesbian in ‘Batwoman’, I didn’t know that being a gender-fluid woman meant that I couldn’t be a lesbian because I’m not a woman — not considered lesbian enough.”

When the time came to tabulate critical reaction on Rotten Tomatoes, users tanked the Audience Score to a rock-bottom 11%. They lambasted the show for its writing, identity politics, and “deliberately bad” presentation.

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YouTube personality The Quartering added his two cents on the rumors, analyzing Batwoman’s rating woes and “review bomb” controversy. View his video below:

Another complaint lodged against the show is it doesn’t stick with the narrative of the comics when it could have and kept its agenda, but also pleased audiences and comic readers.

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No suspected cancellation date is mentioned but if the ax looms, it’ll come down in the dark of the night most likely.

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW, for now.

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