We’ve known for quite some time that CW’s Batwoman wasn’t going to shy away from social commentary. Now it seems that latest DC show on the network has decided to tackle a Trump-style villain in its latest episode “Down Down Down.”

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Tommy Elliot: Friend or Foe?

Sunday’s episode introduces a new character and villain to the show named Tommy Elliot. Elliot,  according to the show, is a friend of Bruce Wayne. He himself also a wealthy man. He works in real estate and is known in the show for putting up walls around the wealthy neighborhoods of Gotham.

If that alone isn’t enough of a nod at the president, one of his catch phrases is “Make Gotham safe again.” It’s an obvious nod to President Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan.

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In the comics, Tommy Elliot does exist, and many know him as the Batman villain Hush. However, this iteration of the character is a bit different from his comic book origins.

In the comics Elliot and Wayne are childhood friends. In fact, he plays an important role in teaching young Bruce Wayne how to think like his opponents in order to beat them. This is something we’ve seen the caped crusader employ throughout his character’s history both in comics and on screen.

Though that friendship would sour before the boys became men, Hush would come into contact with many of Gotham’s greatest villains before they turned to crime.

However, what we got in Batwoman is quite different. Tommy is a real estate tycoon which contrasts with his character originally being a talented surgeon. Even though he is wealthy and educated, he still harbors a great deal of hatred for his old friend due to their fallout.

Tommy Holds a Grudge

In the episode, Tommy still has a grudge against Bruce and attempts to use the lives of innocent people to come face-to-face with Batman. So at least they kept a bit of that rivalry alive in the show.

Also in the episode, a bartender takes a dig at President Trump by describing Tommy Elliot as a “Danger. Hazardous waste. King of real estate. Thinks he’s doing us all a favor when he really just helps fund the walls that are separating our city.”

Batwoman airs Sunday nights on The CW.

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