The CW’s Batwoman and Supergirl shows continue to lose viewers nearly every week. However, their ratings do appear to be stabilizing.


The latest numbers for Batwoman Episode 7 “Tell Me the Truth” saw the show lose nearly 7% of their viewers from Episode 6 according to TV Series Finale . Total viewership was down to 1.018 million. Episode 6’s “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury” saw 1.094 million viewers tune in.

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The show only saw an increase in total viewership from episode 3 and episode 4. Episode 3 saw 1.221 million tune in while, Episode 4 had 1.287 million. However, that brief uptick would not last as Episode 5 had 1.160 viewers tune in a nearly 10% decrease.

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Ratings for the show have seemed to stabilize for the 18-49 demographic. Episode 6 had a .30 rating, while Episode 7 also had a .30 rating. The lowest ratings for the show were in episode 5 with a .26 rating.


Supergirl has shared a similar decline. TV Series Finale reports Supergirl Episode 7 “Tremors” saw a little over 5% decline in viewership from Episode 6 “Confidence Women.” “Tremors” had total just over 800,000 total viewers. That was done from Confidence Women that had 844,000 total viewers.

Supergirl has seen some marginal increases in total viewership through its fifth season. Episode 4 saw a 2.49% increase after episode 3. However, that short gain would be eliminated with Episode 5 that saw a 17% decline.

Episode 3 had 922,000 total viewers. Episode 4 had 945,000 viewers, and Episode 5 had 783,000 viewers. It would rebound with Episode 6, before once again following with episode 7.

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Like Batwoman, Supergirl does appear to have stabilized in the 18-49 demographic. Episode 6 and Episode 7 saw their ratings at .20.

What do you make of these new ratings and viewership numbers for Batwoman and Supergirl? Are you still watching Batwoman and Supergirl?


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