The CW and Ruby Rose’s Batwoman episode three ratings continued the downward spiral for the show since it premiere earlier this month.


The ratings for Batwoman Season 1 episode 3 titled “Down Down Down” came in at .30 with a total viewership of 1.23 million according to TV Series Finale.

That was down from episode 2 which had 1.45 million and the premiere episode which brought in 1.86 million.

The show had a 15 percentage point decrease from last week’s episode 2. Episode 3 was down 33.9% from the show’s premiere.

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Batwoman is not the only CW Arrowverse show that is seeing a decline in the ratings from its premiere episode.


Supergirl Season 5 premiered with a .37 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.263 million total viewers.

Episode 2 saw a .26 rating with 970,000 total viewers. Episode 3 continued the decline with a .20 rating and 904,000 total viewers.

Supergirl’s total drop from the premiere was only 28.4% meaning its keeping its audience marginally better than Supergirl from episode compared to episode 3.

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However, it fared far better in audience retention from episode 2 to episode 3. It only decreased by 6.8%. It looks like the show might be stabilizing with an audience around 900,000 per episode if this turns into a trend.


Batwoman and Supergirl aren’t the only CW shows seeing decreased ratings and loss of total viewers. The Flash is as well.

The Flash Season 6 premiered with a .60 rating and total viewers of 1.6. It’s second episode saw its rating decline to .50 and total viewers drop to 1.273 million.

The percentage decline between episode 1 and episode 2 was 21.5%. A nearly identical drop between Batwoman’s premiere episode and its second episode which was 22.043%.

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The Flash episode three has not aired yet, but it will be interesting to see if it continues to drop like Batwoman or appears to stabilize like Supergirl.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning might be the most at-risk show from early viewership in Season 3.

The show premiered with a .32 rating and 891,000 total viewers. Its second episode dropped to a .23 rating with only 629,000 total viewers.

It had a 29.41% decline in total viewers. It had the highest percentage drop from its premiere episode to the second episode. In fact, its drop from episode 1 to 2 mirrors Supergirl’s total drop from episode 1 to episode 3.


The longest running Arrowverse show, Arrow, premiered with a .34 rating and total viewership of 842,000.

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It has only aired one episode so far in its eighth season.

Nancy Drew

Outside of the Arrowverse, The CW premiered Nancy Drew.

The show debuted with a .27 rating and total viewership of 1.175 million. Its second episode declined to a .16 rating and total viewership of 801,000. It declined by over 31% in total viewership.

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While Batwoman might still be bleeding its audience, it’s still faring better than a number of other CW shows. And it doesn’t look like it will be cancelled after its first season.

Cancelled CW Shows

iZombie was cancelled after its fifth season. It had an average rating of .19 and average total viewership of 654,000.

The CW also announced The 100 would end after Season 7. Season 6 had an average rating of .22 with an average total viewership of 689,000.

Arrow will end after this eighth season. Season 7 had an average rating of .34 and an average total viewership of 1.09 million viewers.

The Originals was cancelled after Season 5. It had a .30 rating and an average total viewership of 833,000.

Jane the Virgin was cancelled after Season 5. Season 5 had a .22 average rating with average viewership at 623,000.

Life Sentence was cancelled after one season. It had a .13 average rating and average viewership of 441,000.

What do you make of these numbers? Do you think The CW might be having a ratings problems soon with its Arrowverse shows?


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