Joe Rogan reacted to Marvel Comics’ indefinitely delayed New Warriors series from writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Luciano Vecchio earlier this month.

On his podcast, Rogan had fellow stand-up comedian Kurt Metzger on as a guest who introduced him to the new New Warriors.


When Rogan gets a look at Snowflake and Safespace, he states, “Look at how unironically they swapped the gender colors, blue and pink.”

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He added, “It’s ridiculous. If you dress like that even people that don’t want to make fun of you will start making fun of you.”

Metzger chimes in, “I can’t mock you better than you are doing yourself.” He adds, “Hey, why don’t you make fun of the…stupidest, woke comic you could think of that would be my characters.”

When Rogan gets a look at Trailblazer he states, “Oh no, that’s not a superhero. Her power is eating cake.”

After reading Trailblazers description that she receives her power from God, but not the god you are thinking of, he states, “Jesus Christ I can’t do this. I can’t!”

He then adds, “She looks strong, like she can carry a lot of stuff on her back. What the f***! She eats too much. You can’t be a superhero when you eat too much.”

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Metzger then compares Trailblazer to Dora the Explorer, “You know how Wendy from Wendy’s got real big when they showed her again, this is like what happened to Dora the Explorer. She got older and ballooned up.”

Metzger then makes a comparison between Marvel Comics and Gillette before saying, “That’s what this is. F*** you to the people that are into that shit, which you can only do in a good economy. Now, people better love your shit. You don’t get to just troll them. Or troll me and make me laugh. I will give it to that guy who made that up.”

The New Warriors #1 was supposed to arrive on comic book shelves in April, but due to the Chinese Virus and Diamond Comics’ announcement that they would not be distributing comics, Marvel Comics ceased publishing comics both physically and digitally.

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It’s unclear when the actual first issue will be released.

What do you make of Joe Rogan’s reaction and Kurt Metzger’s comments?