Naughty Dog’s VP Neil Druckmann Claims He Cried While Playing The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog VP Neil Druckmann published a special message to The Last of Us Part II fans, where he claims he cried during a recent play through.

Naughty Dog turned off the comments for the video and at the time of publishing it has already been downvoted over 6,000 times compared to over 9,000 upvotes.

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Druckmann begins the video explaining the game is getting ready to be shipped.

He explains, “We wanted to let you know that we have gone gold. So, back in April, we told you that due to the state of the world, logistics way beyond our control, we had to push the game, which gave us a few extra weeks to polish.”

He added, “Now, that we have a release date, we’ve submitted our gold master. So, that means discs are starting to get pressed and the executable is being put on the PlayStation Network. And you are going to have our game in just a few short weeks.”

Druckmann then goes on to congratulate the Naughty Dog team behind the game, “I just want to take this moment to congratulate the team that has pulled off the most ambitious game we’ve ever made.”

He continued, “I know I’ve said this before, but you won’t know until what degree until you get your hands on it. And just see the care. The care that has gone into every detail. From the level design to the mechanics, just graphically how the game looks, environments, art direction, characters, stories, audio design, the soundtrack. Oh my god the soundtrack is so amazing.”

He then details he cried during a recent play through, “We are still emotionally moved. I’ve just finished a play through and I was crying by the end of it.”

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Druckmann then goes on to thank fans, “And I would just want to say on behalf of everyone at Naughty Dog, we want to say thank you to you guys. You’ve been very patient waiting for this game for years with us and you are just a few weeks away from getting it.”

Lastly Druckmann encourages people to play the game despite the recent leaks and rumors regarding the game. He states, “No matter what you’ve seen, or heard, or read nothing compares to playing this thing from beginning to end. It’s a video game, you’ve got to play it.”

The message comes after Sony and Naughty Dog have done everything in their power to scrub the leaks. But they haven’t just tried to scrub the leaks, they’ve tried to even remove discussion about the leaks.

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They have sent multiple DMCA take down notices to Bounding Into Comics regarding articles discussing The Last of Us Part II leaks.

We haven’t been the only ones targeted by Sony and Naughty Dog. Multiple YouTubers have reported they’ve also received copyright strikes and copyright takedowns.

We previously reported that YouTuber Ryan Kinel received both a strike and a copyright takedown. Mr. H Reviews also reported one of his videos was striked. Jeremy Griggs from Geeks + Gamers even reported his livestream was taken down by a manual claim while discussing Naughty Dog and The Last of Us Part II.

However, since our previous reporting multiple people have reported that their memes about The Last of Us Part II have been DMCA’d on Reddit and Imgur.

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YouTuber Just Some Guy reports Bitchute videos discussing The Last of Us Part II are also being taken down.

Fellow YouTuber Lethal Lightning also detailed he received two strikes on his channel for covering The Last of Us Part II.

What do you make of Druckmann’s latest comments and Sony and Naughty Dog’s aggressive copyright and DMCA takedown notices and strikes?

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