The official Twitter account for Dying Light deleted a light-hearted tweet that included a meme that read “Zombie Lives Matter.”

Dying Light describes itself as a “a first-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world overrun by flesh-hungry zombies. Roam a city devastated by a mysterious virus epidemic. Scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and face hordes of the infected.”

The tweet in question was captured by RT’s Sophia Narwitz.

It reads, “It can’t be easy being dead’n’alive at the same time. Support your local zombies in May – Zombie Awareness Month.”

There’s also an image that reads, “Zombie Lives Matter.”

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Of course, as you’d expect some people took issue with the image and attempted to paint the studio as either racist or insensitive to progressive values.

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There was even one person who advocated for the person who made the tweet to lose their job for violating their sensibilities:

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On the other hand, others pointed out that the latest Doom entry, Doom: Eternal had a similar joke within the game that barely received any backlash.

A magazine titled Demonology Today is found in the game that promotes articles about why the slayer needs to apologize to demons and why its harmful to demonize the mortally challeneged.

Doom Eternal Easter Egg

Other users simply pointed out that no matter the situation, there is always a group of “fun police” who are always out looking to make sure everything fits into their narrow world view.

These “fun police” seem to do nothing but stalk social media for those who fall out of line so they can punish them for their crimes of wrong think.

As mentioned above, the tweet has now been deleted, but it shows the eggshells many gaming companies feel they have to navigate in order to post a joke while also promoting their game.

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And these outrage mobs do claim scalps. YouTuber The Quartering documents how CD Projekt Red fired a community manager over their tweets back in 2018.


What do you think of Dying Light’s now-deleted joke? Did they do the right thing, or should they have stayed the course?