A new MCU X-Men rumor indicates that one of the team’s biggest villains will be lurking behind the scenes in the MCU.

This new rumor comes on the heels of a rumor back in November 2019 from Mikey Sutton and shared by YouTube channel Strip Marvel.

Sutton would share the scoop to his Geekosity Facebook group in January.

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He detailed that Marvel Studios was looking at taking the X-Men to the Savage Land in a second X-Men team film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where they would encounter the villain Sauron.

Sutton explained, “Marvel Studios wants to bring the X-Men to the Savage Land in perhaps the second X-Men film for the MCU.”

He continued, “It’ll be something viewers have never seen before, basically the mutants in a Jurassic Park-type setting with Sauron as the villain.”

“It will be a way for Marvel Studios to debut Ka-Zar the Savage and Shanna the She-Devil,” Sutton concluded.

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Now, Sutton is providing more details on this second X-Men film.

This latest rumor was originally shared on The Lords of the Longbox YouTube channel.

Host Tim Vo explains, “Professor X isn’t the only scientific genius Marvel Studios will be adding once the formerly Fox properties begin to appear in the MCU.”

He adds, “He has now received additional albeit tentative plot details about what could possibly function as the second X-Men film. So this is down the road. This is not the first X-Men movie. This is the second one.”

He continues, “His name is Dr. Karl Lykos, an old college chum of Professor X, and he mysteriously disappeared while on an expedition. Joined by his mutant students, Professor X’s search takes him to the Savage Land where he is shocked to discover that Lykos has changed, transformed into a pterodactyl-like being who now calls himself Sauron.”

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“This is an early basic premise of what will evolve into a polished storyline that will draw influence from both its comic-book roots and X-Men: The Animated Series from the ’90s,” Vo adds.

Vo then states, “Sutton included appearances from Ka-Zar and Shanna in his original scoop and both are still being discussed to appear here as Lykos’ friends before he got transformed into Sauron.”

The Villain in the Shadows

Vo then details just who will be the main villain acting in the shadows of the film, “However, Sauron is not considered to be the main foe in this little world of dinosaurs. No, the main guy is the one who changed Lykos into Sauron. Is none other than Mr. Sinister.”

He concludes, “Welcome Minister Sinister to the MCU.”

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As for who else might appear Sutton gave that information to YouTube channel The Cosmic Wonder.

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The Cosmic Wonder’s host Warren explains, “The lineup for the X-Men is still awaiting a final decision, but apparently Havok will be among them here.”


Havok and Mister Sinister won’t be the only characters showing up. Warren hints that Devil Dinosaur might also show up, “Sauron is not considered to be the main foe in this little world of dinosaurs especially a Devil Dinosaur, a Jack Kirby creation who is being tweaked into the Savage Land.”

What do you make of this latest rumor regarding the X-Men, Sauron, Mister Sinister, and the Savage Land?

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