A sex scene in The Last of Us Part II touted as “tasteful” by Naughty Dog VP Neil Druckmann has leaked just days before the game’s official release, and contrary to intentions, the scene is anything but.

The scene begins with Abby, the muscularly built secondary protagonist of the game, and Owen, the man previously seen with Abby in leaked cutscenes leading up to the end of Joel’s storyline, arguing in what appears to be an RV. As the argument heats up and tensions escalate, anger turns to ‘passion’ as the two begin to kiss and strip each other naked.

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What follows is a bizarrely awkward scene showing Owen turning Abby around and roughly (and seemingly painfully) ‘taking her from behind,’ which concludes with three rough pumps from Owen before cutting to black:

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Contrary to initial assumptions, the character featured is not the member of Abby’s gang who spits upon Joel after a fight and bears a striking resemblance to Druckmann himself.

The Last Of Us II’s Sex Scene Featuring Abby, Promoted as "Tasteful”, Leaks Ahead of Official Release

The inclusion of this scene in The Last of Us Part II also exposes the double standards of Sony themselves. While this scene was allowed to be shown in their Triple-A franchise title, even the most minor hints of sexual content, primarily from Japanese video games, has received obsessive censorship from the company.

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In Devil May Cry V, a purple light obscured the nude rear and chest of the game’s female characters in Western territories.

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal had the game’s “intimacy mode” removed from release on the PlayStation 4, as the PC version retains this fanservice heavy game mode.

In 2018, Sony cancelled the localization efforts of Omega Labyrinth Z due to the title’s ecchi content.

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Two sex scenes, both considerably less graphic than the one featured above, were cut from the recent commercial release of Terminator: Resistance at the explicit request of both Sony and Microsoft.

For those still interested in the long-awaited sequel, The Last of Us Part II drops tomorrow, June 19th.

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