Yen Press Announces New Adventure Manga “Bestia”

Yen Press recently announced that their new adventure manga Bestia written by Makoto Sanda with illustrations by Miyakokashiwa is now available to purchase

They made the announcement on Twitter writing, “The girl from Asuka’s dreams not only changed from human to dog. She also went from wanting to rip him to shreds to ‘Asuka, you are my keeper’!”

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Bestia follows Asuka Tsukasa. After receiving a dream Tsukasa travels to London in order to discover the whereabouts of his missing mother. While in London he encounters a beautiful girl who actually turns out to be a giant snarling dog.

To make matters worse Tsukasa has a fear of dogs.

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Here’s the official description:

“‘Asuka, you are my keeper.’
Asuka Tsukasa has an irrational fear of animals, especially dogs-which makes studying abroad in London, city of dog lovers, a bit of a challenge for him. There, in his vanished mother’s hometown, he hopes to find a clue to her whereabouts and to meet the mysterious smiling girl from his dreams. But life only gets harder for this zoophobe when he’s invited to join a secret organization that seeks to coexist with fantastical beasts and protect the world from the ones that go out of control. At least he gets to meet that girl-though she turns out to be a giant, snarling dog, who wants nothing more than to tear him to shreds!”
Bestia Vol. 1 is available to purchase now. It is priced at $13.00.
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