IDW Publishing and Rob Liefeld’s upcoming G.I. spinoff series Snake Eyes: Deadgame will debut with 36 exclusive covers.

Liefeld, who is both writing and drawing the series, will provide nine of the 36 covers himself.

Snake Eyes Deadgame

Cover A by Rob Liefeld

Liefeld has compared the upcoming series to Mission: Impossible telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I approached it as this gigantic Mission: Impossible that he has been dispatched on. As the layers get peeled away, it makes the threat more enormous.”

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He added, “Your character is always best when he is in completely over his head, and Snake Eyes finds out in the middle issue one just how in over his head he is.”

Speaking with, Liefeld indicated the series will have a mystical aspect.

He stated, “I’m going to tell you, man, this series has some crazy mythological, mystical — some really big concepts. And they let me. Like, ‘approve, approve, approve.’ So it’s been very exciting putting the characters through their paces.”

Snake Eyes Deadgame

Liefeld also revealed that Snake Eyes will be facing some brand new villains.

He explained, “G.I. Joe vs. Cobra? been there, done that. That’s not my story. My story has brand new villains and obstacles for Snake Eyes and the Joes to overcome.”

“And Snake Eyes is put in some crazy missions, has to make some crazy decisions. It’s really fun,” he added.

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He elaborated in a press release from IDW, “The opportunity to write and draw Snake Eyes, and adding all-new characters, challenges, and consequences to the pantheon of G.I. JOE has been the highlight of my career to date!”

Snake Eyes Deadgame

Liefeld added, “I’m thrilled to release SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME #1 into the world courtesy of Hasbro and IDW! The support from fans has been incredible!”

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As for the 36 covers for the series it includes retailer and convention exclusives.

Snake Eyes Deadgame

Cover B by Rob Liefeld

Aside from Liefeld, there are covers by Mico Suayan,  Jamie Tyndal, Marat Mychaels, Gus Mauk, Fabio Valle, John GIang, Kirill Repin, Tyler Kirkham, Jay Ferugson, Greg Horn, Jonboy Meyers, Nuno Pereira, Adam Buttrey, Kael Ngu, and Federico Blee.

You can see all of the covers below:

And here are the rest.

Here’s the official description for Snake Eyes Deadgame #1:

“Snake Eyes has long been the most mysterious member of the Joes, but how long can he keep his past classified when he’s forced to play his hand? Will he get a lucky roll? Or will the deadgame finally catch up to him?”

The series arrives on comic book store shelves on July 15, 2020. It will have a cover price of $4.99.

Do you plan on picking up Snake Eyes Deadgame #1? Which cover is your favorite?