We have some confirmation that HBO Max’s police procedural set in the same Gotham City as The Batman will serve as a prequel to the movie.

Justin Kroll of Variety retweeted his colleague Joe Otterson who shared with Twitter their publication’s original report announcing the show was in development.


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Kroll commented with the following, “No idea if Patz will make [an] appearance but what I have learned is that it be set before when THE BATMAN is set and dive into how Gotham became corrupt and infested with criminals.”

Robert Pattinson likely won’t appear in the series or at least that isn’t a line executive producer Matt Reeves and Terence Winter plan to cross until they hit a creative wall.

Jeffrey Wright is slated to figure in – maybe as a main or recurring character – as Jim Gordon who won’t be Police Commissioner in The Batman. He certainly will not be in any prequel show either. Gordon’s rank is unclear.

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Replies are pointing out the elephant in the room: Reeves and Winter’s premise sounds like Fox’s Batman-related police drama, Gotham.

But, a few argue Gotham’s approach – focusing on the villains regardless of their place in official continuity – was way different and mixed in its execution. ”It’ll focus on what Gotham intended to be,” went one reply.

Another sees things going the other way and winding up like Gotham when they run out of ideas.

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The Batman takes place in year two of the Dark Knight’s career and one fan points out the HBO Max show could take place in year one. He also points out it probably won’t premiere until at least 2022.

The Batman is slated to swing into theaters in Oct. 2021. COV-19, unfortunately, could still have a say in that.

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