BOOM! Studios announced new details as well as the creative team behind their upcoming Dune: House Atreides series.

The series will be adapted and scripted by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. They will be joined by artist Dev Pramanik and colorist Alex Guimarães.

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The series takes place before Frank Herbert’s seminal Dune novel, which is being adapted to film by Legendary Pictures and director Denis Villeneuve.

The series will detail the events leading up to Herbert’s Dune series. It will tell the story of Pardot Kynes as he seeks to unlock the ecological secrets of Arrakis in the remote, desolate regions of the planet.

It will also follow eight-year-old slave Duncan Idaho as he attempts to escape his cruel masters.

The story of a younger Leto Atreides will also be told as he begins a fateful journey that leads House Atreides to the planet Atreides. Meanwhile Shaddam Corrino, the son of Emperor Elrood begins planning a violent coup.

BOOM! Studios elaborates, “These unlikely souls are drawn together first as renegades and then as something more, as they discover their true fate – to change the very shape of history!”

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Along with these story details, BOOM! Studios also shared character designs for Duke Leto and Vladimir Harkonen by Dev and colorist Alex Guimarães.

Here’s Duke Leto:

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And here’s Vladimir Harkonnen:

BOOM! Studios Senior Editor Dafna Pleban discussed the series stating, “Dune is one of the most exciting and important sci-fi worlds ever created – so once we had Brian and Kevin onboard, we knew we needed some of the best artists in the business to deliver the kind of series that would deliver on the epic story they’re telling.”

Pleban added, “Dev and Alex bring an exciting look to the world of Dune, with Vladimir Harkonnen and Duke Leto visualized for the very first time in comic book format. Add in superstar artists like Jae Lee and Dan Mora bringing jaw dropping covers and you’ve got a series unlike anything else in comics.”

The first issue will feature cover by Jae Lee and a variant cover by Dan Mora.

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Dune: House Atreides will be a 12-issue limited series published in coordination with Abrams ComicArts.

Abrams ComicArts will be publishing graphic novel adaptations of Herbert’s Dune novel that are also scripted and adapted by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson. They are joined by artists Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín.

Bill Sienkiewicz is expected to provide covers for the Dune adaptation.

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