YouTuber Arch Warhammer provided an update on his email campaign to Games Workshop in order to save Warhammer from political infiltration and subversion.

Earlier this week, Arch Warhammer launched the email campaign following Games Workshop’s and the Warhammer Community’s Twitter account’s divisive “Warhammer is for Everyone” message.

That message saw the Warhammer Community Team tell long time fans to abandon their hobby if they disagreed with the company’s newly touted politics in the wake of the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests, riots, and looting across the United States and globe.

In response to this divisive message, Arch Warhammer encouraged his followers to send emails to Games Workshop’s Customer Service at [email protected]

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He also provided an email template for his followers to use.

That email began, “Warhammer is for Everyone, This sentiment was never in doubt in the Warhammer community, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k have been played in stores and hobby rooms all across the globe by people of all races, religions and genders.”

It continued, “We were all brought together by our common love for these deep, dark and complex worlds! It superseded our differences and united us with a common love for the game and the universe! In all its grim glory!”

The email script went on, “But then, on June the 5th, the Warhammer Community Team stated that we were wrong. For the first time ever Warhammer was NOT for everyone. For the first time ever Warhammer chose to close its doors for some. For the first time ever Warhammer chose to say “If you feel the same way, we are glad to have you, and if you don’t, you will not be missed”. For the first time ever fans of Warhammer were attacked for their opinions.

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It then added, “The spell was broken, and the community immediately descended into vitriol and witch hunts. A little over a month after the statement the community has never been more fractured, it has never been more divided. And everyone is wondering who is up next on the chopping block.”

The email concluded, “It is time for Games Workshop to step up and say. Warhammer is for Everyone, No “if you agree” No “you will not be missed” No ifs no buts. Warhammer is for everyone, including people like me.”

Now, Arch Warhammer has provided an update on the email campaign and he indicates it is working.

He begins his update stating, “We are already having some excellent effect on target. Yes, we are indeed. So bit of a moral boost is probably in order.”

He continued, “Within hours of launching the campaign, we managed to make the GW customer support page go belly up. Yes, indeed we crashed that little bastard. We made it go the way of the dodo. That is impressive.”

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He added, “And it shows you that there are a lot of people out there that do indeed agree that Warhammer is for everyone. And no, we don’t want your nonsense politics in this. Keep your real life nonsense out of our hobby. There are a lot of people that agree with that sentiment and it is awesome to see.”

Later, Arch thanks those who are participating in the campaign, “Thank you all very much for everyone who sent out an email. You are the reason why we are having this effect right now. It is all on you guys. It is beautiful.”

Arch would continue the video explaining what the campaigns current status is and where it will go from here.

He begins by detailing that the campaign is currently facing some hurdles as it has been removed from Facebook groups and other forums.

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Arch explains, “A lot of people have been trying to post this on to various Facebook groups and so on and even sending it to other YouTubers. And in many cases they have just been shut down and deleted immediately. Sadly, we knew this was going to happen.”

He continued, “We are fighting against people right now who think censorship is just fine. They don’t mind censoring people. They don’t mind shutting them down. They don’t mind deleting them. They are pro these things. It appears to be a fundamental cornerstone of their political beliefs. If you don’t agree with them it is entirely okay to attack you. It’s entirely to censor you. It’s entirely okay to delete you. It’s entirely okay to yell at you because as far as they are concerned you are barely even human essential.”

However, he sees these attacks as a good thing. Arch details, “But this is just more evidence that we are having an effect. They are scared. They know that we have the moral superiority. We have the moral high ground. We are the ones who are actually for everyone.”

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He continued, “And the people who aren’t for everyone, their hypocrisy, their bigotry is straight up revealed. Because they latch on to the message not because it says Warhammer is for Everyone. They latched on to it because it says Warhammer is for everyone but. They latched on to it because of the exemption. They latched on to it because it’s an excuse to attack people that they disagree with.”

Towards the end of the video Arch encourages his followers to continue to email Games Workshop.

He states, “Keep it up. Keep it up. Keep sending the emails. Keep hammering on this. Keep hammering them wherever you find them because this has had effect in the past.”

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He then adds, “And if they simply ignore us, well that will give us information as well. If GW does not address this any way, shape, or form then we know Warhammer is not for everyone. We know that Games Workshop will discriminate against people based upon their opinions. If you have the wrong opinion they will discriminate against you. Even that. Even that in and of itself would be a victory.”

What do you make of Arch’s update? Have you sent an email to Games Workshop? Do you think this campaign will be a success?