New Rumor Reveals Owen Wilson’s Identity In Marvel’s Upcoming ‘Loki’ Series

A new rumor claims to reveal Owen Wilson’s identity in Marvel’s upcoming Loki series on Disney Plus.

This new rumor comes from scooper Mikey Sutton and piggybacks off a scoop he shared with YouTube Channel Everything Always.

Everything Always first reported that “Owen Wilson is indeed playing Kang.”

He elaborates, “Time travel is no laughing matter. Ever since it was announced that Owen Wilson was cast in the upcoming Disney Plus TV series Loki, speculation exploded who he could be playing.”

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He continued, “With Loki wearing a Time Variance Authority uniform in one scene the guessing game went in to overdrive that Kang could or had to appear. But who would play him?”

“According to Mikey Sutton’s several inside sources, the question has been answered. Wilson is Kang,” he added.

Everything Always then details, “Sutton pointed out that his scoops are rarely declarative because creative changes often occur and nothing is official until they are. But with enough personnel within Marvel Studios backing it up, Sutton is thoroughly convinced Wilson is Kang.”

He continued, “Although best known for successful comedies such as Wedding Crashers, Wilson is actually no stranger to serious roles. An insider revealed that ‘I never once saw him smile during any lines on set ever.'”

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“Another source told Sutton that ‘it may seem like a huge risk for Marvel Studios to cast Wilson as Kang, but the results will again reward them for taking artistic chances.’ How audiences will react to Owen Wilson well only time can tell,” Everything Always concluded.

As Sutton and Everything Always note, speculation that Wilson could be playing Kang has been around since that first teaser trailer featuring footage from Loki.

Back in February, fellow scooper Charles Murphy theorized that Wilson could be playing Kang.

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Murphy based his theory on a number of points. First, he pointed to a previous rumor from Daniel RPK that detailed that Kang could show up in Loki.

He also pointed to the name of the production company working on Loki titled, Limbo Productions I. He believes this is a tease for Kang since the villain often used the demonic realm as a base for his exploits.

Another factor that Murphy pointed to was that the show will see Loki traveling to Egypt and Times Square, notable points of interest for the villain in the comics.

Murphy also noted that Wilson has a multi-film contract indicating that he’s more than likely playing a major character.

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Finally, he noted that Marvel wants to keep Wilson’s character under wrap and they more than likely wouldn’t have those kind of orders if it was a lesser known or at the very least not as significant character like Justice Peace.

What do you make of this latest rumor regarding Owen Wilson and Kang?

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