Robert Burke Launches KickStarter Campaign After WizKids Canceled Him At The Behest Of An IGN Writer

Game designer Robert Burke, who recently had his business relationship with WhizKids ended after IGN writer Matt Thrower attacked him, has launched a new KickStarter campaign.

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Burke most recently launched a KickStarter for Operation F.A.U.S.T. (Fine Art Underground Stolen Treasures) Second Edition that Burke describes as a “a bluffing and deduction game that has players take on the role of art patrons in occupied France during the second world war.”

Burke explains the “goal is to save valuable art from the Third Reich and end the game with the best art collection.”

The first edition of the game was released five years ago and was named one of the Best Games of 2015 by Popular Mechanics and received a Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.

On his YouTube channel, Burke provided an overview of the game’s second edition.

On the KickStarter, Burke details that this second edition streamlines and improves the gameplay of the first edition and also includes new art.

Made in the USA

The game is made in the United States.

Burke explains, “Robert Burke Games believes it’s important to support the workers of our nation in these uncertain times and we will be putting our money where our mouth is.”

He continued, “We have made the decision to be part of a national push to move more manufacturing to US soil. Your support of this project will support American workers, families and communities.”

He then went on to detail what exactly manufacturing the game in the United States means.

He explains that if they were to manufacture the game in China the Manufacture Suggested Retail Price would be $19.99. However, since they are manufacturing in the United States the cost comes to $28 and Burke claims “this includes a lower margin for us.”

However, Burke also touts a number of benefits by manufacturing in the United States, “You will get your game faster since there is no need to wait a full month for the final product to ship to the US via a cargo ship.”

“There is a lower carbon footprint when we manufacture in the US as US regulations are stronger and there is no need to ship samples & product halfway around the world,” he also added.

Stretch Goal

The campaign does feature a stretch goal. If the campaign hits $25,000 “it will enable us to move from print on demand to offset printing, which requires a minimum print run of 1,000 units, but will result in increased quality of the product.”

Burke also states, “If we reach this goal we will also be able to include VAT free shipping for the EU & Australia.”

Operation F.A.U.S.T. Second Edition has currently raised $4,679 out of its $3,000 goal. It has been backed by 130 people so far.

What do you think of Operation F.A.U.S.T.? Do you plan on backing?


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