Rumor: The Flash Movie Will Depart Heavily From The Flashpoint Paradox

It’s official The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, is based on the Flashpoint storyline but it’s going to differ from the comics in a pretty enormous way.

Heroic Hollywood reports the film is “only loosely based on the Flashpoint storyline” and “will be missing a key” subplot in Atlantis’s war with the Amazons led by Wonder Woman.

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In the original story and the DC Animated feature, Barry Allen goes back in time to prevent the death of his mother. She lives but the world Barry knew is gone and everything plunges straight to hell.

There is no Justice League, no Superman as we know him, no Bruce Wayne, and worse yet, Aquaman leads Atlantis in bloody conflict against Diana and Themyscira that consumes the world. And Arthur, fighting to the last man, is prepared to take everyone with him when he goes down.

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The implication is Wonder Woman and Aquaman won’t be in The Flash. We know from casting rumors and other sources Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Silas Stone (Joe Morton) could be present on the other hand. They may aid Barry in resetting the timeline.

Reverse Flash and (a female) Mirror Master are allegedly the villains to beat so any apocalyptic stakes or war might come from them.

There is also a rumor that Michael Keaton is being lined up to play an older Batman, the same one from his movies with Tim Burton, to substitute for the Flashpoint Batman but still tapping into that Multiverse conceit.

Cosmic Book News believes, in The Flash, Barry goes back and stumbles into the reality of Burton’s films and pulls the aged Dark Knight of that Earth to the DC Extended Universe. Bruce will serve from then on as a mentor to young, green heroes.

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Before Keaton’s name came up again, fingers were crossed Jeffrey Dean Morgan would return as Thomas Wayne to become Flashpoint Batman. Stories emerged he was in serious discussions with Warner Bros. but Grace Randolph put those to bed.

Though Thomas Wayne and Morgan’s involvement moved beyond development, according to Randolph, JDM never closed a deal and the popularity of Keaton’s Batman makes him far more tantalizing to WB and the corporate bigwigs.

These changes aren’t from out of the left field. Andy Muschietti, when it was announced Flashpoint is the basis of the movie, said it will be a different interpretation from what we’re used to.

What’s your reaction to this? Tell us your thoughts about how The Flash will deviate from Flashpoint below.

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