Rumor: The Batman To Continue Filming In Studio, Could Include a Scene Teasing Joker

The Batman could be headed back into production soon, pandemics and lockdown be damned. Warner Bros. may have figured a way around all that. And there might be a glimmer of truth to rumors The Joker will figure into Matt Reeves’ new take on the Dark Knight.

YouTube channel Warstu shared and addressed these rumblings in a recent video. To begin with, gyms and other places in the UK are set to reopen after July 25th. That, according to his sources, would allow for filming to resume on one condition.

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Staying Inside

The Batman can start filming again as soon as September so long as it goes indoors to a studio environment. Precautions would be easier to take and there’d be greater control of light and the elements.

Roughly 25% of the movie is done, Warstu noted. If cast and crew stay inside, he doesn’t see it going well for the rest of the shoot. He claims old plans are being scrapped and all-new sets are getting built.

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No matter how big the stage – ”if it’s the size of a football pitch” – The Batman would’ve been shot in a studio straight away had that been what they wanted, said Warstu.

Taking nothing away from Matt Reeves or something like The Mandalorian (filmed mostly on sets), he makes it sound like they are trying to get the project done as fast as possible while taking into account the skittishness over COVID-19.

Warstu cites a Hollywood Reporter article saying Tinseltown wants to avoid lawsuits that could come if someone returning to work gets sick or tests positive. Many reportedly don’t want to come back just yet due to that fear. “Keeping things in-house,” might be a plan B to deal with it.


He also worries studio filming has the potential of weakening the epic quality and aesthetic of fight scenes. The Batman could look no better than a DC CW drama with cheap “limited fights.”

Filmmaking thrived for decades on soundstages but location shooting is preferable for realism unless a movie goes full CGI. Christopher Nolan had his share of interiors but Batman Begins, especially, went all out with locations and exteriors.

The last time a Batman was shot almost exclusively on a set, Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher were directing.


And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad

Warstu continues with two Joker scoops out there in the ether. The first is The Batman will include a scene teasing The Joker for a sequel, a rumor consistently on our radar. What the scene entails is unclear – except that it was said to be a cameo taking place in Arkham.

Warstu doesn’t get into very many specifics. He does say, however, Willem Dafoe is a favorite to play Reeves’ incarnation of The Clown Prince of Crime, adding this inkling has lingered since late June – at the least.

Dafoe has been mentioned more than once in connection with playing The Joker. All the fan art proves he’s a popular fantasy choice. Other alleged forerunners are Bradley Cooper and Johnny Depp – who gained traction as a prospect despite his recent woes.

Willem Dafoe as Joker

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I like the idea of Dafoe in the role, on paper. He has the right facials plus the resume-cum-required creepiness for it and has for decades (since Michael Keaton first wore the cape).

The problem is he’s getting on in years and may be too old by now. Like with Robert Englund playing Freddy Krueger one more time, it might be best to give up on that dream.

So, tell us, are you excited The Batman might work around the pandemic to see completion? Or are you looking forward to a Matt Reeves spin on The Joker? Comment below.

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