The speculation Matt Reeves is going to introduce a new Joker in his Batman film if it becomes a series may have some weight.

According to The Direct and scooper Daniel Richtman, “it’s a matter of when, not if, the Joker will appear opposite Robert Pattinson’s Batman,” and “the iconic villain is due for his arrival, although it will be a new version to fans alike.”

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The Joker might be set up in the first film but more than likely “Matt Reeves envisions his Joker to appear as an adversary in both the second and third films of the trilogy,” Richtman claims.

There might be a reference in The Batman to the Clown Prince of Crime similar to what Christopher Nolan did in Batman Begins, which analysts consider necessary.

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Another scooper, Emre Kaya, jumped on the news, saying he heard months ago The Joker would indeed be in The Batman. He added casting hasn’t been revealed yet so the part will probably get filled by a stuntperson “or body double.”

TyrantVicky on Twitter, who reports for The Cinema Spot, was either surprised by her prescience or slyly conceded a scoop when she retweeted her fantasy booking and commented it wasn’t simple speculation.

TyrantVicky wrote the following on June 3rd, “Riddler, Bane, and Joker would be a really good set of main villains for Reeves’ Joker. I think Knightfall could be very interesting as a story, and Joker would make a lot of sense as a trilogy capper.”

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TyrantVicky touched on another salient point. News and rumors of a new Joker over the past few months presuppose the inclusion of a Robin – probably Jason Todd for a Death in the Family adaptation.

Mikey Sutton and Cosmic Wonder first reported adapting Death in the Family was on the table in March. The clear implication is Joker will be set up to kill Robin mercilessly.

So there may be something to all this. It might even be true Reeves will work in Knightfall somehow, but if Bane is being introduced along with Joker there’s going to be some spotlight sharing, and stealing, and more than necessary.

We don’t know who could wind up playing the Joker. Johnny Depp’s name gets thrown around though a younger actor might have the advantage.