The Batman could turn into a trilogy and we’ve reported rumored plans in the past. A new rumor could turn any of those – be it introducing Hush or Joker and Robin for adapting Death in the Family – upside down.

Heroic Hollywood reports in a new video Bane has been brought up at Warner Bros. for potential sequels, altering other tentative plans for the deadly prisoner from Santa Frisca.

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Bane was also rumored for a standalone film a la Joker, based on the Vengeance of Bane story, but the pitch was reportedly shot down immediately. He is “off [the] table, in the event that Warner Bros. might use him in a future Batman film.”

This could indicate a new Joker won’t appear in The Batman trilogy if the rule is getting a solo film means you can’t be used anywhere else – a tenuous rule, at best. Imagine how that tinkers with familiar stories and how Death in the Family would look with Bane as the villain, should they go that route.


On the bright side, replacing Joker as the central foe could serve as a palate cleanser. We’re seeing a lot of Mr. J lately, to be honest.

This could also mean Matt Reeves won’t touch or even think about Hush unless he appears in a smaller role – and some of us know how that worked out on Batwoman this season.

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Created by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, Bane made his debut on a high note in Knightfall, doing what he is most known for – breaking the Bat.

Bane’s worst cinematic incarnation, and least accurate character-wise, has to be Batman & Robin in 1997. Tom Hardy redeemed and popularized him in The Dark Knight Rises for a new generation.

Then there was Shane West’s portrayal of a version of Bane in a bizarre Gotham retcon – but let’s try and forget that.

We don’t know who is on WB’s shortlist but Heroic Hollywood moots two names: Javier Bardem and fan-favorite Dave Bautista.

Fan art’s depicted Bautista in the role and he posted a selfie of himself on the Warner lot in December. Nobody knows what he was doing there but his caption, “It won’t come to you so get after it!! #DreamChaser,” fed speculation he had a meeting about Bane.

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Does Bane in The Batman’s sequel sound good to you? How do you feel about the solo film getting canceled? Leave a comment.