Type-Moon studios director Kazuya Niinou has expressed interest in producing a remake of the PSP RPG Fate/Extra CCC. Though there’s interest, he worries that the game may be too lewd for a current day release.

Niinou’s comments were given during the same live stream that saw the director announce Fate/Extra RECORD, a remake of Fate/Extra CCC’s predecessor title, Fate/Extra.

Passionlip and Metryllis, two characters created for Fate/Extra CCC, as seen in a Studio SHAFT produced character sheet.

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According to a summary translation provided by video game news outlet Dualshockers, at 17: 50, Niinou stated, “I need to say it, I definitely want to remake CCC too. But nothing is decided yet.”

He went on and discussed the title with voice actress Kana Ueda. Ueda appeared virtually as her character Rin Tohsaka.

During the conversation, the two would begin to joke about how lewd the game is. The pair would end up referencing the abundant amount of both male and female fan service seen throughout the game such as character designs, costumes, and events.

Fate/Extra CCC’s fan service is especially prominent during the game’s ‘secret garden’ scenes.

These scenes would see the players exploring the innermost desires and secrets of a character’s heart. Here they would also be presented with an almost-completely-nude shot of that particular character.

You can see Kiara Sessoyin below.

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And here is Gilgamesh.

However, upon reflection, Niinou worried that these lewd elements would be an issue if the game was released to contemporary audiences. With today’s inclination toward censorship in gaming, as seen in Fairy Tail’s first-day patch, it seems that he has plenty to ponder in the interim.

Of course, he didn’t abandon all hope. Niinou is exploring his options for a Fate/Extra CCC remake while working on Fate/Extra Record; it’s just too early to tell if we’ll see anything come out.

Though Niinou did not cite a specific cause for his concern, one can presume it stems from both the rampant censorship of Japanese fanservice due to Western pressures and the social justice theory-based nature of Western criticism towards Japanese productions.

What do you make of the possibility of a remake of Fate/Extra CCC? Do you believe reception would be positive, or does Kazuya Niinou have grounds to worry?

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