Leaked Image Reveals First Look At Wheel of Time’s Whitecloak Armor

A new leaked photo claims to reveal a first look at the Whitecloak armor from Amazon’s upcoming Wheel of Time live-action series.

The image was shared by Instagram user thedailytrolloc and shows three members of the Whitecloaks in their armor.

Take a look.

Thedailytrolloc reported that after they shared the photo they were reported for copyright infringement by Amazon.

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He posted to Instagram, “Amazon reported Narg for copyright infringement for sharing the Whitecloaks photo. If you missed seeing it you can still see it on Narg’s other social media accounts for now. Narg would report it here but doesn’t feel like getting banned today.”

In a subsequent post, thedailytrolloc compared the Whitecloak outfit to The Witcher’s Nilfgaardian armor and stated, “Even if you arn’t won over by the shows Whitecloaks, you got to admit that they did better than The Witcher’s Nilfgaardian armor…no? Plus this may not be the full kit, so probably better to save final judgment until you see the show.”

They added, “Account is now private, but you can never discount snitches, so if Narg disappears, it’s been fun.”

The image of the Whitecloak thedailytrolloc shared in the bottom left corner is from artist Todd Cameron Hamilton, who was the primary artist for the reference work in The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time.

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Here’s a better look at that image.

You’ll notice that this image has the big sunbursts on the Whitecloak soldier’s cloak and tabard. Those sunbursts are not seen in the leaked photo. Although there is a partial sunburst on their pauldron.

The sunburst is a readily identifiable symbol of the Whitecloaks. When Robert Jordan first described the Whitecloaks in The Eye of the World here’s what he wrote, “Three men in breastplates and conical steel caps, burnished till they shone like silver, were making their way down the street toward Rand and Mat.”

He continued, “Even the mail on their arms gleamed. Their long cloaks, pristine white and embroidered on the left breast with a golden sunburst, just cleared the mud and puddles of the street.”

“Their hands rested on their sword hilts, and they looked around them as if looking at things that had wriggled out from under a rotting log. Nobody looked back, though. Nobody even seemed to notice them,” he added.

Todd Cameron Hamilton’s depiction of the Whitecloaks is not the only one. The official comic book adaptation of Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World with a script by Chuck Dixon, art by Francis Nuguit, and colors by Nicolas Chapuis also gives us good looks at the Whitecloaks.

As you can in the image above they are wearing white armor, shiny white conical helmets, and white cloaks. There does not appear to be the sunburst on these soldier’s armor although it’s hard to tell given the strap over top the breastplate could be covering up the logo. It’s also impossible to tell if their is a sunburst on their cloak given it’s waving in the wind behind them.

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However, in subsequent pages, we get a better look at the Whitecloak Byar and he clearly has a sunburst symbol embroidered on his cloak.

Here’s another look at Byar’s Whitecloak outfit, where you can see him with his helm on and the bright sunburst on his cloak.

Back in July, The Wheel of Time announced that actors Abdul Salis and Stuart Graham would be playing Whitecloaks. Salis will play a Whitecloak named Eamon while Graham will play one named Geofram.

What do you make of this alleged Whitecloak outfit for Amazon’s Wheel of Time live-action series?

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